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Emergency Repair Material

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Card Emergency Repair Material.png


Emergency Repair Materials were added during the Summer 2019 Event along with the Emergency Anchorage Repair mechanic that they are required for. This item is consumed whenever emergency repairs are performed.

Currently, the emergency repair mechanic is rarely worth using due to the very limited nature of this consumable.

  • On maps involving this mechanic, it is possible to take advantage of the routing meant to deploy Emergency Anchorage Repair without using it.

How to obtain

  • Available in the Shop, 600 DMM points for 3.
  • Quests:
    • One-Time: B147 (x2)
    • Repeatable: By3 (x2), D32 (x2)
  • Most Events rewards some, please refer to the current event's page for more up-to-date data.

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