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Category:Fleet Oilers

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This category contains all ships classified as Fleet Oilers.

This category is populated by Template:KanmusuInfo. Please do not manually add pages to this category.

Example of Underway Replenishment translated.

Fleet Oilers (AO) can carry Supplies.png Underway ReplenishmentUnderway Replenishments (including the RE) that will restore fuel and ammo mid-sortie when consumed.

  • When entering a boss node, a prompt will appear giving a choice to activate the Underway Replenishment or not.
  • The cost of the resupply will be deducted from the stockpile.
  • The resupply cannot be activated when having insufficient Fuel fuel or Ammunition ammo.
  • The amount of Fuel fuel and Ammunition ammo resupplied depends on
    • The fleet type (single or combined)
    • How many Resupplies are carried.

The resupply rates are as follow:

Item Icon Underway Replenishment.png Used Single Fleet Combined Fleet
1 25 % 15 %
2 36 % 27.5 %
3 47 % 40 %

This mechanic should only be used to avoid Fuel penalty.


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