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Maritime Resupply

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Underway Replenishment

No.146 洋上補給

Supplies.png Supplies

Effects: Armor-2

Scrap Value: Fuel30 Ammunition30

Equipment Card Underway Replenishment.png

Equipment Character Underway Replenishment.png

Equipment Item Underway Replenishment.png

Equipment Full Underway Replenishment.png

Refittable Class
Coastal Defense ShipDestroyer
Light CruiserTorpedo Cruiser
Heavy CruiserAviation Cruiser
BattleshipAviation Battleship
Fast BattleshipLight Carrier
Standard CarrierArmored Carrier
Seaplane TenderSubmarine Tender
SubmarineSubmarine Carrier
Repair ShipTraining Cruiser
Fleet OilerAmphibious Assault Ship


戦闘航海中の海上で燃料弾薬を補給することが可能です。 これを保持した状態で燃料が欠乏すると戦闘航海中に「洋上補給」が発動し、燃料弾薬が洋上で「補給」されます。 長期戦となる艦隊決戦のサポートにご活用ください。 (発動すると消滅します。)

It's possible to perform resupply on the seas to ships performing combat sailing.
When fuel is low while this is being held, "Maritime Resupply" will happen, and fuel & ammo will be replenished on the seas.
Please use this well as a support for the final battle, which could become a war of attrition.
(Will disappear when activated.)


  • When entering a boss node, a prompt will appear giving a choice to activate the Maritime Resupply, restoring 25% of maximum ammo and fuel to each ship in single fleets.
  • It can also restore 15% in combined fleets, which applies to both fleets in a Combined Fleet situation.
  • The fuel and ammo cost will be deducted from the player's stockpile. If insufficient fuel or ammo is available, the Maritime Resupply will not activate.
  • Will activate regardless of where Hayasui (and Hayasui Kai) or Kamoi Kai Bo is in the fleet.

How To Obtain


Stock equipment of Hayasui KaiHayasui Kai, HayasuiHayasui

From quests: Bq3, Bq8 (x4, choice), Bq10 (x4, choice), By3, B79, B86, B107, B112 (x2, choice), B142 (x3, choice), B143 (x2, choice), B149 (x3, choice), B158 (x2, choice), B159 (x2, choice), C29 (choice), C33 (x2, choice), D27 (x2), D28 (x2, choice), D29 (x5, choice), D32 (x2, choice), D33 (x2, choice), D35 (x3, choice), D38 (x2, choice), F41

From limited-time quests: 2101LQ6 (choice), 2103LQ1 (x3, choice), 7thAnvLB3 (x7, choice), SB56 (choice), SN10, W20D1 (x2, choice)

Event reward for:

Updates History

  • 2015-08-10: Implemented
  • 2016-04-01: Mechanics changed: used when fleet's total fuel+ammo is 25% or less -> can be chosen to be used before boss battles

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