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SOC Seagull

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SOC Seagull

No.414 SOC Seagull

Seaplane Recon Seaplane

Effects: Dive Bomber Attack+1 Evasion+1 Accuracy+2 Anti-Submarine+1 View Range+4

Combat Radius: 3

Scrap Value: Fuel1 Ammunition1 Bauxite2

Equipment Card SOC Seagull.png

Equipment Character SOC Seagull.png

Equipment Item SOC Seagull.png

Equipment Full SOC Seagull.png

Refittable Class
Coastal Defense ShipDestroyer
Light CruiserTorpedo Cruiser
Heavy CruiserAviation Cruiser
BattleshipAviation Battleship
Fast BattleshipLight Carrier
Standard CarrierArmored Carrier
Seaplane TenderSubmarine Tender
SubmarineSubmarine Carrier
Repair ShipTraining Cruiser
Fleet OilerAmphibious Assault Ship



A ship-based seaplane that was operated by the USN since the start of the world war.
This biplane doesn't have outstanding performance; but, due to its ease of use and its successor being plagued with problems, it was deployed widely on medium-sized cruisers in the USN as the fleet's eyes.
* Upgrading this plane will further increase its capabilities when equipped on USN cruisers.


How To Obtain

Stock equipment of Honolulu KaiHonolulu Kai, Northampton KaiNorthampton Kai

Event reward for:

Ranking reward for:

  • Mar 2021: 1-5 (★+8/★MAX), 6-20 (★+4), 21-100

Updates History

  • 2021-04-30: Implemented as ranking reward

Fit Bonuses

Ship Extra Requirement Firepower Torpedo Attack Anti-Air Anti-Submarine View Range Armor Evasion Note

+1 +2 Non-stackable
(★3-4) +1 +3
(★5-7) +1 +3 +1
(★8-9) +1 +3 +2
(★MAX) +2 +3 +2
Other US ShipsIowa
South Dakota
+1 Non-stackable
(★5-MAX) +1 +1
Ship Extra Requirement Firepower Torpedo Attack Anti-Air Anti-Submarine View Range Armor Evasion Note
Agano-class Kai NiNoshiro Kai Ni
Yahagi Kai Ni
Yahagi Kai Ni B
+2 +3 +1 Non-stackable between any Recon Seaplanes
Mogami Kai Ni (Toku)Mogami Kai Ni
Mogami Kai Ni Toku

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