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Category:Heavy Cruisers

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This category contains all ships classified as Heavy Cruisers.

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Heavy Cruiser (CA) are relatively flexible, utilizing Medium Caliber Main Gun Medium Caliber Main Guns, Torpedoes Torpedoes, and Reconnaissance SeaplaneRecon Seaplane Recons, and having strong firepower Firepower, torpedo Torpedo Attack, and "night attack power Night Battle Power" stats, but no ASW.

CA Default equipment compatibility
✔️ Can Equip ❌ Cannot Equip
Reconnaissance SeaplaneRecon Fighter Dive Bomber Torpedo Bomber JetFighterBomber2.png Reconnaissance Aircraft Large Reconnaissance AircraftSp Seaplane BomberBomber Seaplane Fighter Large Flying Boat Rotorcraft Liaison Aircraft Aviation Personnel TransportationMaterial.png
Medium Caliber Main Gun Secondary Gun Large Secondary High-Angle GunSp_Sec Anti-Aircraft Gun Anti-Aircraft Fire Director Torpedoes Large SONARLarge Small RADARSmall Large RADARLarge Small Caliber Main Gun Large Caliber Main Gun Very Large Caliber Main GunSp Submarine TorpedoesSub Midget SubmarineMinisub Depth Charges Small SONARSmall Very Large RADARSp Submarine Equipment
Anti-Aircraft Shell Engine Improvement Medium ArmorMedium FlareIcon.png Searchlight Lookout Command Facility Smoke Generator Emergency Repair Personnel Ration Armor-Piercing Shell Large ArmorLarge Large SearchlightLarge Drum Landing Craft Amphibious Tank Landing Forces Anti-Ground Artillery Facility.png Supplies
RE: Anti-Aircraft Gun Anti-Aircraft Fire Director Anti-Aircraft Shell Medium ArmorMedium Emergency Repair Personnel Ration Equipment Card Improved Kanhon Type Turbine.png
Equipability notes: Night Fighter=Fighter ; Night Torpedo Bomber=Torpedo Bomber ; JetFighterBomber1.png=JetFighterBomber2.png ; Night Reconnaissance Seaplane =Reconnaissance SeaplaneRecon ; Night Seaplane Bomber =Seaplane BomberBomber ; Small Caliber Main High-Angle GunSmall=Small Caliber Main Gun ; Medium Main High-Angle GunMedium=Medium Caliber Main Gun ; Secondary High-Angle GunSec=Secondary Gun ; Barrage Balloon=Smoke Generator


The heavy cruiser was a type of cruiser, a naval warship designed for long-range and high speed, armed generally with naval guns of roughly 203 mm (8 in) caliber and displacing approximately 10000 tons. While the general mission of the heavy cruiser to act as a fast scout for a battle fleet and protect and hunt down commerce was largely unchanged from the days of sail, its design parameters were dictated by the Washington Naval Treaty of 1922 and the London Naval Treaty of 1930.


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