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Category:Large Searchlights

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This category contains all equipment classified as Large Searchlights.

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Searchlight Searchlights are used to trigger a special Night Battle mechanic when equipped, playing a special animation and applying the following effects:

  • Attack accuracy and cut-in rates of the fleet are increased.
  • Cut-in rates of the enemy fleet are decreased.
  • The enemy fleet will target and hit the ship that triggered the searchlight more often.

The activation rate is 100% on ships with 2 or more HP, 0% otherwise.

  • Multiple ships equipped with searchlights do not have stacking effects.

A few ways to use it:

  • Equip on ship in the flagship position.
    • Pros: The flagship will always open fire first (unless already heavily damaged), therefore it does not matter if it further takes damage. Useful if it's the last battle of the sortie.
    • Cons: The other ships can still cover for the flagship where applicable.
  • Equip on ship in the second position.
    • Pros: This setup does not suffer from the flagship cover aspect, and ship in the second slot still opens fire early.
    • Cons: May give the opponent 2 turns in a row if their flagship disables the searchlight carrier.
  • Equip on ship in the last position.
    • Pros: Allows ships that can't be relied on for night battle output to be useful in some ways, as the output doesn't matter if it doesn't get to them.
    • Cons: Likely to lose output in situations where every little bit counts (such as event maps).

Has a slightly different activation animation (namely, brighter light) than the small Searchlight.

Listed by stats

  • Green : Outstanding
  • Yellow : Above average
No. Rarity Name Equipment Type AA LoS Ship Types Craftable Improvable Notes

Type 96 150cm SearchlightEquipment Card Type 96 150cm Searchlight.png
Searchlight.png 96式150cm探照灯
Large Searchlight 1 3 CL (Only: Gotland Andra, Gotland Kai, Tenryuu Kai Ni), CA (Only: Zara Due), CAV (Only: Mogami Kai Ni, Mogami Kai Ni Toku), FBB, BB, BBV, AV (Only: Commandant Teste, Commandant Teste Kai, Nisshin A), LHA (Only: Shinshuu Maru Kai), AO (Only: Souya (AGL)) ✔️
No. Rarity Name Equipment Type AA LoS Ship Types Craftable Improvable Notes

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