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This category contains all equipment or equipment types classified as Searchlights.

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Searchlight Searchlights are used to trigger a special Night Battle mechanic when equipped, playing a special animation and applying the following effects:

  • Attack accuracy and cut-in rates of the fleet are increased.
  • Cut-in rates of the enemy fleet are decreased.
  • The enemy fleet will target and hit the ship that triggered the searchlight more often, see here.

The activation rate is 100% on ships with 2 or more HP, 0% otherwise.

  • Multiple ships equipped with searchlights do not have stacking effects.

Listed By Stats

No. Rarity Name Equipment Type AA LoS Refittable Types Craftable Improvable Notes
SearchlightEquipment Card Searchlight.png
Searchlight.png 探照灯
Small Searchlight 0 2 DE (Only: Inagi Kai Ni), DD, CL, CA, CAV, FBB, BB, BBV, AV, LHA (Only: Kumano Maru Kai, No.101 Transport Ship Kai, Shinshuu Maru Kai), AS (Only: Chougei Kai, Jingei Kai), CT (Only: Kashima Kai, Katori Kai), AO (Only: Kamoi Kai Bo, Souya (AGB), Souya (AGL), Souya (AGS)) ✔️ ✔️

Type 96 150cm SearchlightEquipment Card Type 96 150cm Searchlight.png
Searchlight.png 96式150cm探照灯
Large Searchlight 1 3 CL (Only: Gotland Andra, Gotland Kai, Tenryuu Kai Ni), CA (Only: Zara Due), CAV (Only: Mikuma Kai Ni, Mogami Kai Ni, Mogami Kai Ni Toku), FBB, BB, BBV, AV (Only: Commandant Teste, Commandant Teste Kai, Mikuma Kai Ni Toku, Nisshin A), LHA (Only: Shinshuu Maru Kai), AO (Only: Souya (AGL))
No. Rarity Name Equipment Type AA LoS Refittable Types Craftable Improvable Notes


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