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This category contains all equipment classified as Rotorcraft.

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Rotorcraft Rotorcraft are ASW Aircraft, being used to trigger some OASW and Land-based ASW attacks.

As they do not have any Dive Bombing Dive Bomber Attack stat, they do not participate to Phases 2 & 3 of Aerial Combat and are immune to shootdown. They:

  • Will launch during aerial battle if other planes are launched, but cannot start an aerial battle on their own.
  • Allow BBV, CAV, AV, and LHA to perform ASW attacks.
  • CVL and Kaga Kai Ni Go equipped with them will still require a Dive Bomber Dive Bomber or a Torpedo Bomber Torpedo Bomber to attack submarines, as they are unable to attack anything without a bomber.
  • AS, AR, and some CVB can equip them, but the former cannot attack SS, and the latter has a carrying capacity of 0 so they do not function.
  • AO can equip them, but their attack animation will still be a depth charge animation.

Their LBAS Combat Radius cannot be extended.

Listed By Stats

  • Green: Outstanding
  • Yellow: Above Average
No. Rarity Name Equipment Type Firepower ASW LoS Accuracy Combat Radius Deployment Cost Refittable Types Craftable Improvable Notes

Ka Type Observation AutogyroEquipment Card Ka Type Observation Autogyro.png
Heli.png カ号観測機
Rotorcraft 0 9 0 1 1 2 DD (Only: Samuel B. Roberts Mk.II), CL (Only: Gotland, Gotland Andra, Kuma Kai Ni, Noshiro Kai Ni, Tama Kai Ni, Tatsuta Kai Ni, Tenryuu Kai Ni, Yahagi Kai Ni, Yahagi Kai Ni B), CAV, CVL (Except: Kasuga Maru, Shinyou, Shinyou Kai, Taiyou, Taiyou Kai, Unyou, Unyou Kai, Unyou Kai Ni, Yawata Maru), FBB (Only: Yamato Kai Ni), BB (Only: Musashi Kai Ni, Mutsu Kai Ni), BBV, CV (Only: Kaga Kai Ni Go), AV (Only: Commandant Teste, Commandant Teste Kai, Nisshin A, Nisshin Kai), LHA (Only: Akitsu Maru, Akitsu Maru Kai, Kumano Maru Kai, Shinshuu Maru Kai), CVB (Only: Victorious, Victorious Kai), AR, AS, AO (Except: Souya (AGL), Souya (AGS), Yamashio Maru); LBAS ✔️ ✔️

O Type Observation Autogyro KaiEquipment Card O Type Observation Autogyro Kai.png
Heli.png オ号観測機改
1 10 3

O Type Observation Autogyro Kai 2Equipment Card O Type Observation Autogyro Kai 2.png
Heli.png オ号観測機改二
11 1 4

S-51JEquipment Card S-51J.png
Heli.png S-51J
2 12 3 2 2 5

S-51J KaiEquipment Card S-51J Kai.png
Heli.png S-51J改
13 4 3
No. Rarity Name Equipment Type Firepower ASW LoS Accuracy Combat Radius Deployment Cost Refittable Types Craftable Improvable Notes


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