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Category:Extra Armor (Medium)

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This category contains all equipment classified as Extra Armor (Medium).

This category is populated by Template:EquipmentCategoriesKai. Please do not manually add pages to this category.


Armor Extra Armors are equippable in RE and give some extra Armor Armor stat.

Listed By Stats

  • Green: Outstanding
  • Yellow: Above Average
No. Rarity Name Equipment Type Armor Evasion Refittable Types Craftable Improvable Notes

Anti-torpedo Bulge (Medium)Equipment Card Anti-torpedo Bulge (Medium).png
Expansion Bulge (Medium).png 増設バルジ(中型艦)
Extra Armor (Medium) 7 -2 DD (Only: Akizuki Kai, Amatsukaze Kai Ni, Asashimo Kai Ni, Fletcher Mk.II, Fuyutsuki Kai, Hatsuzuki Kai, Hayashio Kai Ni, Kagerou Kai Ni, Kazagumo Kai Ni, Kiyoshimo Kai Ni, Kiyoshimo Kai Ni D, Kuroshio Kai Ni, Makigumo Kai Ni, Naganami Kai Ni, Okinami Kai Ni, Oyashio Kai Ni, Shigure Kai San, Shiranui Kai Ni, Suzutsuki Kai, Takanami Kai Ni, Tanikaze D Kai, Teruzuki Kai, Urakaze D Kai, Verniy, Yukikaze Kai Ni, Yuugumo Kai Ni), CL (Only: Agano Kai, Gotland Andra, Gotland Kai, Kiso Kai, Kuma Kai Ni, Kuma Kai Ni D, Noshiro Kai, Noshiro Kai Ni, Sakawa Kai, Tama Kai, Tama Kai Ni, Yahagi Kai, Yahagi Kai Ni, Yahagi Kai Ni B, Yuubari Kai Ni, Yuubari Kai Ni D, Yuubari Kai Ni Toku), CLT (Only: Kiso Kai Ni), CA, CAV, CVL, AV, LHA (Except: Akitsu Maru, Akitsu Maru Kai, No.101 Transport Ship), AR, AS, CT, AO (Except: Hayasui, Hayasui Kai, Kamoi) ✔️ ✔️

New Kanhon Design Anti-torpedo Bulge (Medium)Equipment Card New Kanhon Design Anti-torpedo Bulge (Medium).png
Expansion Bulge (Medium).png 艦本新設計 増設バルジ(中型艦)
8 -1
268 Arctic Camouflage (+ Arctic Equipment)Equipment Card Arctic Camouflage (+ Arctic Equipment).png
Expansion Bulge (Medium).png 北方迷彩(+北方装備)
2 2
No. Rarity Name Equipment Type Armor Evasion Refittable Types Craftable Improvable Notes

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