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Plane Proficiency

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Planes have the ability to earn experience and gain ranks. Experience is gained from combat, be it normal sorties or LBAS attacks and defense.


As planes earn experience, they will progress through the ranks as follows:

Rank Level Displayed Insignia Experience Fighter Power Bonus
(All Planes)
Aditional Fighter Power Bonus
Seaplane BomberBomber Fighter Night Fighter Seaplane Fighter Land-based Fighter Land-based Fighter Liaison AircraftHayabusa
0 (blank) 0-9 0 +0 +0
1 | 10-24 +1 ~ 1.549 +0 +0
2 || 25-39 +1.581 ~ 1.975 +1 +2
3 ||| 40-54 +2 ~ 2.324 +1 +5
4 \ 55-69 +2.345 ~ 2.627 +1 +9
5 \\\ 70-84 +2.646 ~ 2.898 +3 +14
6 \\\\\ 85-99 +2.915 ~ 3.146 +3 +14
7 ❱❱ 100-120 +3.162 ~ 3.464 +6 +22
  • Planes will gain ranks at different speeds, each having a fixed leveling speed.
    • See below for more details.
  • Planes getting shot down will lose ranks.
    • A slot getting emptied has a high chance of resetting plane ranks.
    • Ranks cannot be gained or lost in PvP.
  • Abyssal planes do not have proficiency.
  • Opposing PvP fleets do have proficiency.
  • It is important to secure air superiority where possible to preserve plane proficiency.
  • The "Fighter Power Bonus" is calculated as [math]\displaystyle{ \sqrt{\frac{\text{Exp}_\text{plane}}{10}} }[/math]; with [math]\displaystyle{ \text{Exp}_\text{plane} }[/math] the experience of the plane.
    • Unlike most other formulas in the game, it is not rounded down.

Rank Effects

Fighter Power Bonus

The biggest bonus from plane proficiency is giving a fighter power bonus to help during the Stage 1. The innate bonus is added onto the fighter power bonus of the relevant plane to get the full fighter power bonus.

Fighter Power Bonus for ❱❱ Planes
Plane Type Plane Type Fighter Power Bonus
Fighters FighterNight FighterSeaplane FighterLand-based FighterLand-based FighterLiaison AircraftHayabusa +25.464
Seaplane Bombers Seaplane BomberBomber +9.464
All other planes Dive BomberTorpedo BomberNight Torpedo BomberJetFighterBomber1.pngJetFighterBomber2.pngReconnaissance AircraftLarge Reconnaissance AircraftSpLand-based Reconnaissance AircraftLBReconnaissance SeaplaneReconNight Reconnaissance SeaplaneLarge Flying BoatLand Based Attack AircraftLand-based FighterbomberLand Based Assault AircraftLand-based Patrol AircraftLand-based Heavy BomberRotorcraftLiaison Aircraft +3.464
  • Fighter-Bombers and Jets are considered dive bombers and only get the +3 bonus and not the +25.
  • This is a flat bonus applied after the fighter power of the slot is calculated. This means it is not affected by rounding.
  • Even if the plane has 0 Anti-Air, it will still get the relevant bonus.

Critical Bonus

Critical hit Rate

There are two separate critical modifier bonuses for plane proficiency. One affects normal carrier attacks and carrier night cut-ins, the other affects carrier cut-in attacks.

  • The "Captain" refers to the plane in the 1st slot.
  • See here for more details.
Carrier Attack Modifier[1]

[math]\displaystyle{ {Crit}_\text{proficiency} = \lfloor \text{Mod}_\text{slot} \times \text{Mod}_\text{rank} \rfloor }[/math]

  • This also applies to carrier night attacks.
    • Unlike other carrier night attacks formulas, non-night capable planes are taken into account for calculating the proficiency critical bonus.
  • Planes in empty slots do not count toward proficiency bonuses.


  • [math]\displaystyle{ \text{Mod}_\text{slot} }[/math] the slot modifier:
[math]\displaystyle{ \text{Mod}_\text{slot} }[/math]
Attack type Attack modifier
First carrier slot 0.8
Other carrier slots 0.6
LBAS slots 0.8
  • [math]\displaystyle{ \text{Mod}_\text{rank} }[/math] the effect given by the rank of the plane:
[math]\displaystyle{ \text{Mod}_\text{rank} }[/math]
Plane Rank Crit Modifier
(blank) 0
| 1
|| 2
||| 3
\ 4
\\\ 5
\\\\\ 7
❱❱ 10

Computed values:

[math]\displaystyle{ {Crit}_\text{proficiency} }[/math]
Plane Rank First carrier slot
LBAS slots
Other carrier slots
(blank) 0 0
| 0 0
|| 1 1
||| 2 1
\ 3 2
\\\ 4 3
\\\\\ 5 4
❱❱ 8 6
Carrier Cut-In Attacks[1]

[math]\displaystyle{ {Crit}_\text{proficiency} = {Const}_\text{captain} + {Mod}_\text{proficiency} }[/math]


  • [math]\displaystyle{ {Const}_\text{captain} }[/math] being 8 if the captain participates in the CVCI, and 0 otherwise,
  • [math]\displaystyle{ {Mod}_\text{proficiency} }[/math] still under investigation but it's 13 if all planes are ❱❱ (excluding jets?).
Critical Hit Damage Modifier

Carriers get a bonus critical modifier when equipped with high-proficiency planes. This modifier is multiplicative with the normal critical modifier. See here for more details.

  • For Carrier Attacks, they gain a 1.2 critical bonus multiplier for a ❱❱ plane in the top slot and an additional 0.1 for every other ❱❱ plane.
    • For example, a carrier with two max proficiency planes (with one in the top slot) would get a critical bonus of: (1.2 + 0.1) x 1.5 = 1.95.
  • For CVCI, they gain a 1.106 bonus when a ❱❱ plane is selected to participate in the attack and an additional +0.15 if one of the selected planes is in the top slot.

Accuracy Bonus

The average proficiency of all "bombers" on the carrier are taken into account for calculating the accuracy bonus.

[math]\displaystyle{ \text{Acc}_\text{proficiency} = \sqrt{0.1 \times \text{Exp}_\text{Avg}} + \text{Mod}_\text{proficiency} }[/math]


  • [math]\displaystyle{ \text{Exp}_\text{Avg} }[/math] is the average experience level of all relevant planes on the carrier.
  • [math]\displaystyle{ \text{Mod}_\text{proficiency} }[/math] is the extra bonus depending on the proficiency level.
Accuracy Bonus
Rank [math]\displaystyle{ \text{Mod}_\text{proficiency} }[/math] [math]\displaystyle{ \text{Acc}_\text{proficiency} }[/math]
(blank) 0 0
| 0 +1
|| +1 +2
||| +2 +4
\ +3 +5
\\\ +4 +6
\\\\\ +6 +8-9
❱❱ +9 +12
  • Remember that fighters are not counted for the accuracy bonus.


  • The developers have stated that proficiency will provide a bonus to LoS and contact rate.
    • The increase is either bugged or too small to be observed.

Ranking Planes

Carrier-Based Planes & Seaplanes

Carrier-based planes and seaplanes can be ranked anywhere. The most resource-efficient way is to send them on sorties to surface nodes with little to no air power. It is possible to rank them through LBAS but it gets expensive. The following are recommended spots:

  • 1-1
  • 2-2: 3CV(L) off route

Land-Based Planes

Land-based planes can only be ranked through LBAS. This makes ranking them quite expensive. Outside of events, only 7-4, 6-4, and 6-5 have LBAS available to use for now. Of these:

  • 7-4 is the best place as it has multiple submarine nodes that are easy to reach, and are on the main resources farming route. This allows any land-based plane to be ranked while doing regular "risk-free" resource farming.
  • 6-5 is also a good place, as it allows the use of two land bases and has a Range 1 submarine node at node B, that can be reached using 1CL and a mix of DD & DE.

Important Notes on Ranking Planes

  • Numbered air group planes like the Ryuusei (601 Air Group) start at |.
  • Named squadron planes like the Type 97 Torpedo Bomber (Murata Squadron) start at ||.
  • Remodeling planes to better versions through quests will retain their ranks if it is higher than the default rank.
  • Ranks can decrease by 1-2 if a large number of planes are shot down.
  • Ranks will be reset if the entire squadron is shot down.
    • Even elite squadrons with default ranks can lose all their ranks.
      • There is a visual bug where elite squadrons may retain default ranks visually, sortieing them again will update it to their actual value.
  • Rank loss is calculated before rank gain, therefore it is possible for a squadron that was wiped to retain 1-2 ranks if it did well.
  • Rank is only calculated once the fleet returns to port.
    • It is possible to save ranks by quitting the sortie before the results screen is shown. This can be useful during events to save preparation time for boss kills.
  • Planes will not gain or lose ranks in Support Expeditions or Exercises.
  • Planes must participate in aerial combat or detection to gain/lose ranks.
    • Planes in 0 slots will not gain or lose ranks.
    • If planes are not launched due to failing Detection, they will not gain or lose ranks.
    • In Combined Fleets, when facing a single fleet, no plane in the escort fleet will not gain or lose ranks.

Leveling Speed

Planes gain a certain number of internal proficiency points with some random variance every time they participate in Aerial Combat or Detection. The amount gained depends on the exp-rate group of the plane.[1]

Detection: Seaplane Seaplanes, Reconnaissance Aircraft Recons, Large Flying Boat Large Flying Boats

Aerial Combat: FighterNight FighterFighters, Dive BomberDive Bombers, Torpedo BomberNight Torpedo BomberTorpedo Bombers, Seaplane BomberBomberSeaplane Bombers, Seaplane FighterSeaplane Fighters, JetFighterBomber1.pngJets, Land Based Attack AircraftLand-based Patrol AircraftLand-based Bombers, Land-based FighterLand-based FighterInterceptors, Land-based Heavy BomberLand-based Heavy Bombers

LBAS Attack, LBAS Defence, Jet Assault, and LBAS Jet Assault also count as Aerial Combat.

  • Each LBAS Attack wave counts as one round of Aerial Combat, so planes attacking the same node twice gain experience twice. There is no Detection for LBAS, so recons (including Land-based Recons) do not gain experience.
  • Because Seaplane Bombers participate in both Aerial Combat and Detection, they effectively level twice as fast as other planes of their group in most cases.
  • Jets receive experience from both Jet Assault and the following Aerial Combat, effectively leveling twice as fast as other planes of their group in most cases. However, Jet Assault does not occur against all-submarine fleets, so they gain experience only once in this case.

Leveling speed is measured in the estimated number of battles it will take to get a plane from no rank to ❱❱ .

Leveling Speed
Number of Battles Plane Type Plane Name
~18 Fighter Type 96 Fighter · Type 96 Fighter Kai · Zero Fighter Type 21 · Fw190 T Kai
Torpedo Bomber Swordfish · Swordfish Mk. II (Skilled) · Swordfish Mk.III (Skilled)
Seaplane Type 0 Recon Seaplane · Ar196 Kai · OS2U · SOC Seagull
~20 Fighter Zero Fighter Type 52 · Bf109 T Kai · Re. 2001 OR Kai · Fulmar
Dive Bomber Type 99 Dive Bomber · Skua · Re.2001 CB Kai
Torpedo Bomber Type 97 Torpedo Bomber · Tenzan (931 Air Group) · Re. 2001 G Kai
Seaplane Type 0 Observation Seaplane · Type 98 Recon Seaplane (Night Scout)
Seaplane Zuiun · Swordfish (Seaplane Model)
Large Flying Boat Type 2 Flying Boat · PBY-5A Catalina
Seaplane Fighter Ro.44 Seaplane Fighter
Land Based Attack Aircraft Type 96 Land Attacker · Type 1 Land Attacker · Type 1 Land Attacker (Nonaka Squadron) · Type 1 Land Attacker Model 22A · Type 1 Land Attacker Model 34 · Bomb-carrying Type 1 Fighter Hayabusa Model III Kai (65th Squadron)
Land-based Patrol Aircraft Prototype Toukai
Land-based Fighter Type 1 Fighter Hayabusa Model II
~24 Fighter Prototype Reppuu Late Model · Shiden Kai 2 · Zero Fighter Type 21 (Skilled) · Reppuu (601 Air Group) · Zero Fighter Type 52 (Skilled) · Zero Fighter Type 32 · Zero Fighter Type 32 (Skilled) · Seafire LF.Mk.III Kai · Shiden Kai 4
Dive Bomber Suisei · Zero Fighter Type 62 (Fighter-bomber) · Ju 87C Kai · Type 99 Dive Bomber (Skilled) · Suisei (601 Air Group) · Type 0 Fighter Model 63 (Fighter-bomber) · FM-2 · Suisei Model 22 (634 Air Group)
Torpedo Bomber Tenzan · Ryuusei · Type 97 Torpedo Bomber (931 Air Group) · Type 97 Torpedo Bomber (Skilled) · Ryuusei (601 Air Group) · Type 97 Torpedo Bomber (931 Air Group / Skilled)
Reconnaissance Aircraft Saiun
Seaplane Shiun · Ro.43 Recon Seaplane · Type 0 Recon SeaPlane Model 11 B · Type 0 Reconnaissance Seaplane Model 11B (Skilled) · S9 Osprey · Swordfish Mk.II Kai (Reconnaissance Seaplane Model) · Fairey Seafox Kai · SO3C Seamew Kai
Seaplane Zuiun Model 12 · Swordfish Mk.III Kai (Seaplane Model) · Swordfish Mk.III Kai (Seaplane Model/Skilled)
Seaplane Fighter Ro.44 Seaplane Fighter Bis
Land Based Attack Aircraft Ginga · Type 4 Heavy Bomber Hiryuu · Do 17 Z-2
Land-based Patrol Aircraft Toukai (901 Air Group)
Land-based Fighter Shiden Type 21 Shiden Kai · Type 1 Fighter Hayabusa Model III A · Type 1 Fighter Hayabusa Model III A (54th Air Squadron) · Spitfire Mk.I · Spitfire Mk.V · Spitfire Mk.IX (Skilled)
Large Land-based Aircraft Shinzan Kai
~28 Fighter Reppuu Model 11 · Zero Fighter Type 52 Model C (601 Air Group) · Zero Fighter Type 52 Model C (Iwai Squadron) · Zero Fighter Type 21 (Iwamoto Squadron) · Zero Fighter Type 52 Model A (Iwamoto Squadron) · Re. 2005 Kai · F4F-3 · F4F-4 · F6F-3 · F6F-5 · Fw 190 A-5 Kai (Skilled)
Dive Bomber Suisei Model 12A · Type 99 Dive Bomber (Egusa Squadron) · Zero Fighter Type 62 (Fighter-bomber/Iwai Squadron) · SBD · Suisei Model 22 (634 Air Group/Skilled) · Suisei Model 12 (634 Air Group w/ Type 3 Cluster Bombs) · Suisei Model 12 (w/ Type 31 Photoelectric Fuze Bombs) · SBD-5 · SB2C-3 · SB2C-5
Torpedo Bomber Type 97 Torpedo Bomber · Tenzan Model 12 (Tomonaga Squadron) · Tenzan (601 Air Group) · Type 97 Torpedo Bomber (Murata Squadron) · TBD · TBF · Tenzan Model 12A
Reconnaissance Aircraft Type 2 Recon Aircraft · Prototype Keiun · Saiun (East Caroline Air Group) · Saiun (4th Recon)
Seaplane Prototype Seiran · Zuiun (634 Air Group) · Zuiun Model 12 (634 Air Group) · Seiran (631 Air Group)
Seaplane Fighter Type 2 Seaplane Fighter Kai
Land Based Attack Aircraft Ginga (Egusa Squadron) · Type 4 Heavy Bomber Hiryuu (Skilled)
Land-based Fighter Type 0 Fighter Model 21 (Tainan Air Group) · Type 0 Fighter Model 32 (Tainan Air Group) · Type 0 Fighter Model 22 (251 Air Group)
Land-based Fighter Type 3 Fighter Hien (244th Air Combat Group) · Type 1 Fighter Hayabusa Model II (64th Air Squadron)
Large Land-based Aircraft Shinzan
~35 Fighter Shinden Kai · Zero Fighter Type 53 (Iwamoto Squadron)
Night Fighter F6F-3N · F6F-5N
Dive Bomber Suisei (Egusa Squadron) · Prototype Nanzan · F4U-1D · Ju 87C Kai Ni (w/ KMX)
Torpedo Bomber Ryuusei Kai · Tenzan Model 12 (Murata Squadron)
Night Torpedo Bomber TBM-3D · Prototype Type 97 Torpedo Bomber Kai No. 3 Model E (w/ Type 6 Airborne Radar Kai) · Tenzan Model 12A Kai (w/ Type 6 Airborne Radar Kai)
Seaplane Laté 298B · Zuiun (631 Air Group) · Zuiun (634 Air Group/Skilled) · Zuiun Kai Ni (634 Air Group) · Zuiun Kai Ni (634 Air Group/Skilled)
Seaplane Fighter Type 2 Seaplane Fighter Kai (Skilled) · Kyoufuu Kai
Land Based Attack Aircraft Do 217 E-5 + Hs293 Initial Model · Do 217 K-2 + Fritz-X
Land-based Fighter Raiden · Shiden Kai (343 Air Group) Fighter Unit 301 · Reppuu Kai · Reppuu Kai (352 Air Group/Skilled) · Fw 190 D-9
Land-based Fighter Type 3 Fighter Hien · Type 3 Fighter Hien Model 1D · Type 4 Fighter Hayate
~44 Fighter Reppuu Kai (Prototype Carrier-based Model) · Reppuu Kai Ni
Dive Bomber Ju 87 C Kai 2 (w/ KMX / Skilled)
Torpedo Bomber Ryuusei Kai (CarDiv 1)
Night Torpedo Bomber Prototype Type 97 Torpedo Bomber Kai (Skilled) No. 3 Model E (w/ Type 6 Airborne Radar Kai) · Tenzan Model 12A Kai (Skilled w/ Type 6 Airborne Radar Kai) · TBM-3W+3S
JetFighterBomber1.png Jet Keiun Kai · Kikka Kai
Land-based Fighter Shiden Type 11
~65 Fighter XF5U
Night Fighter Reppuu Kai Ni Model E
Torpedo Bomber Ryuusei Kai (CarDiv 1/Skilled)
Land-based Fighter Me 163B · Prototype Shuusui
100 Night Fighter Reppuu Kai Ni Model E (CarDiv 1/Skilled)
Land-based Fighter Shuusui

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