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Type 2 Reconnaissance Aircraft

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No.61 二式艦上偵察機
YellowPlane.png Carrier-based Reconnaissance Aircraft
Effects: AA+1 Accuracy+3 LoS+7
Combat Radius: 5 (Deployment Cost: Bauxite 6)
Scrap value: Fuel 3 Ammo 1 Bauxite 13 (Buildable)

Equipment Card Type 2 Reconnaissance Aircraft.png

Equipment Character Type 2 Reconnaissance Aircraft.png

Equipment Item Type 2 Reconnaissance Aircraft.png

Equipment Full Type 2 Reconnaissance Aircraft.png

Refittable Class
Coastal Defense Ship Destroyer
Light Cruiser Torpedo Cruiser
Heavy Cruiser Training Cruiser
Aviation Cruiser Fast Battleship
Battleship Aviation Battleship
Light Carrier Standard Aircraft Carrier
Armored Carrier Seaplane Tender
Submarine Aircraft Carrying Submarine
Submarine Tender Fleet Oiler
Repair Ship Amphibious Assault Ship



This is the carrier-based recon aircraft variant of the "Suisei Dive Bomber".
Mounted with a surveillance camera and a larger fuel tank, it is now capable of being the fleet's eyes.
By all means, use it in your task force along with the Saiun!


Reconnaissance AircraftReconnaissance AircraftLarge Reconnaissance AircraftSpLand-based Reconnaissance AircraftLBReconnaissance SeaplaneReconNight Reconnaissance Seaplane are planes that:

When used, on Ise Kai Ni, Hyuuga Kai Ni, Souryuu Kai Ni, and Hiryuu Kai Ni, it provides +1 Range Range bonus.

  • This allows them to reach "Longest" range if paired with a "Very Long" range equipment (see Range).


Not to be confused with other aircraft of this family (see here).

How To Obtain


Stock equipment of: Ryuujou Kai NiRyuujou Kai Ni, Souryuu Kai NiSouryuu Kai Ni

From quest: C22 (choice)

Ranking reward for:

  • Aug 2013: 1-3, 4-20, 101-500
  • Sep 2013: 1-3
  • Oct 2013: 1-3, 101-500
  • Nov 2013: 1-3


Used to improve: Type 2 Reconnaissance AircraftType 2 Reconnaissance Aircraft, Swordfish (Seaplane Model)Swordfish (Seaplane Model)

Updates History

  • 2013-09-11: Implemented as ranking reward
  • 2014-05-23: Became buildable
  • 2019-02-08: Became improvable, visible bonuses added

Fit Bonuses

Ship Extra Requirement Firepower Torpedo Attack Anti-Air Anti-Submarine Warfare Line of Sight Armor Evasion Note
All Equippable Ships (★2-3) +1 This bonus stacks with all other ship-specific stat bonuses below.
Non-stackable with any additional Carrier-based Recon Aircraft
(★4-5) +1 +1
(★6-9) +1 +2
(★MAX) +2 +3
Ise Kai NiIse Kai Ni +3 +1 +2 Also +5 Accuracy +1 Range
Not self-stackable
Hyuuga Kai NiHyuuga Kai Ni +3 +3 +3 Also +5 Accuracy +1 Range
Not self-stackable
SouryuuSouryuu Kai NiSouryuu Kai Ni only +5 Accuracy +1 Range
Not self-stackable
(★1-7) +3 +3 Not self-stackable
(★8+) Kai NiSouryuu Kai Ni only +4 +4
HiryuuHiryuu Kai NiHiryuu Kai Ni only +5 Accuracy +1 Range
Not self-stackable
(★1+) +2 +2 Not self-stackable
Zuihou Kai Ni BZuihou Kai Ni B
Suzuya Kou Kai NiSuzuya Kou Kai Ni
Kumano Kou Kai NiKumano Kou Kai Ni
(★1+) +1 +1 Not self-stackable


Type Name Resource Day 2nd Ship Note
Fuel Ammunition Steel Bauxite Item Icon Development Material.png Item Icon Improvement Material.png # of equipment needed for that upgrade. An asterisk following the number indicates a different equipment is required. Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
Reconnaissance Aircraft Type 2 Reconnaissance Aircraft 0 120 40 20 300 8/9 3/4 2xRedPlane.png Souryuu
6 8/10 5/7 1xYellowPlane.png
10 - - -
Improvement Improved effects
Reconnaissance Aircraft 1★ 2★ 3★ 4★ 5★ 6★ 7★ 8★ 9★ Max★
Line of Sight 1.2 1.69 2.07 2.40 2.68 2.93 3.17 3.39 3.60 3.79

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