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Game Updates/2018/June 13th

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May 15th, 2018 June 13th, 2018 June 29th, 2018

June 13th, 2018 Ise Kai Ni / Rainy Season 2018 Update

  1. Ise has received her second remodel.
    • Ise's second remodel is a 改装航空戦艦(戦闘航空母艦) [Modified Aviation Battleship (Battle Carrier)] class ship. (Translation pending.)
    • This is a large-scale hypothetical ("if") remodel.
    • The second remodel requires 2 Blueprints, a Prototype Catapult, an Action Report, and various other materials.
      • Medals, Action Report(s), and Prototype Catapult(s) will be obtainable via quests.
    • Only her first and second slots can equip Main Guns.
      • They can also equip aircraft should you wish to do so.
    • Her third and fourth slots can equip Dive Bombers, Fighters, or Recon planes.
    • The second remodel also comes with a fifth slot, which can be equipped with various equipment (no details), including more aircraft.
    • Note: As Ise K2 can only equip main guns in her first 2 slots, what you see when equipping her first two slots differs from what can be equipped in the remaining slots. Keep this in mind when changing equipment.
        • Please also make use of the "sort" function to sort equipment.
    • Ise's combat performance also changes greatly depending on her equipment type; try out different configurations to see what works best.
    • The second remodel includes some new voice lines.
    • Hyuuga is expected to receive her second remodel this year as well.
  2. Kuroshio has received her second remodel.
  3. Rainy Season voice lines have been added to the game.
  4. Sagiri, Hamanami, Fujinami, Fukae and Etorofu have received new CGs for the Rainy Season.
    • Spring CGs and other CGs have been added to the Encyclopaedia.
  5. BGMs for some mapshave been updated. The Jukebox has also been updated to include the following:
    • Naval Base in the Rain (雨音の鎮守府)
    • Rain, Sake and Shipgirls (雨とお酒と艦娘)
  6. Updates to furniture:
    • French hydrangea window
    • French hydrangea floor
    • French hydrangea stained glass
    • Shipgirls' umbrella stand (new!)
      • Has three different appearances, depending on secretary ship.
      • With a Rainy Season secretary ship (presumably one with a Rainy Season CG), the furniture also has its own unique gimmick.
    • French hydrangea flowerpot for Admiral's desk
    • Admiral's floor cushion
    • "Wisteria on water" floor
    • Wisteria wallpaper
    • Raincoat & umbrella stand
    • Green Japanese wallpaper
    • Fresh verdure flooring
    • Teruteru bozu window
    • Iron flooring (new!)
    • Minazuki wallpaper
    • Minazuki window
    • Chair
    • Workdesk
    • French hydrangea wallpaper
    • Rainy season wallpaper
    • Rainy season, green curtains window
    • Ise's hanging scroll
    • Zuiun flag (new!)
    • Furniture Fairy/Fairies will be obtainable from new quests.
    • Bath furniture has also been updated.
  7. A furniture scroll related to the 5 Etorofu-class sisters is obtainable via a new quest series (Coastal Defence Ship Mission Series):
    • Etorofu-class Kaiboukans' hanging scroll (new!)
    • This quest is available even if you do not currently have any DEs.
    • You can also obtain the first or second Etorofu-class DE from this quest (Etorofu or Matsuwa).
  8. New Quests (Total of 10):
    • A88 [Elite Type-A Destroyers, Assemble!]
    • B117 [Elite Type-A Destroyers, Charging Through Enemy Territory!]
    • B118 [Battle Carrier, Sortie!]
    • B119 [Ise Kai Ni, Intercept the Enemy Task Force!]
    • C21 [Elite Type-A Destroyers, Commence Special Training!]
    • C22 [Lead ship of the battle carriers, commence exercises!]
    • D28 [Coastal Defense Ships, Head Out!]
    • F73 [Escort ship service plan]
    • F74 [Research of New and Improved Main Battery for Aviation Battleships]
    • F75 [Organize the Elite "Battle Carrier" Suisei Air Group]
    • As usual, other prerequisite quests may need to be completed first.
    • These are not limited-time quests, there is no need to rush to complete them.
  9. The following equipment can now be further improved/upgraded in Akashi's Improvement Arsenal:
  10. New Equipment:
  11. Stat updates:
  12. The Spring 2018 Food Collection Mini-Event has ended.
    • Houshou's Meal Ticket will still be usable from the items menu until the next maintenance.
    • All other event-related items will be removed.
  13. The 5th Anniversary Quests have been removed from the game.
  14. DEs will no longer drop from regular maps.
  15. Requests for transfers to Yokosuka, Kure, Sasebo, Maizuru, and Oominato Servers will no longer be available.
    • You can still request to transfer to all other servers, until the next maintenance.