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Category:Akatsuki Class

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The Akatsuki-class destroyer (暁型駆逐艦) is a sub-class of the Fubuki-class Destroyer; however, the IJN kept the improvements made a secret, and did not officially designate these four destroyers as a separate class.

They were lighter than the Fubuki and the Ayanami-class, with less powerful machinery. Improved design meant they produced comparable power with only three boilers, rather than four. Other improvements included a splinter-proof torpedo launcher-turret, which allowed the torpedo launcher tubes to be reloaded in action.

They also had the same design issues of stability and hull strength which were similarly corrected. The result was an increase in displacement which reduced their maximum speed to 34 kt (63 km/h, 39 mph).

They are required for Quests A10, B12 and B42.


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