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Category:Fubuki Class

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The Fubuki-class destroyer (吹雪型駆逐艦) called "the world's first modern destroyer" since this ship-class had revolutionized the way navies viewed the destroyer. The 1922 Washington Naval Treaty had limited the tonnage of Japanese warships and, to counteract this, the IJN sought to build a high quality, technologically advanced navy. The Fubuki-class resulted from this.

They were built after WW1. Since at a time the British and American destroyers had changed little from their un-turreted, single-gun mounts and light weaponry, whereas the Japanese destroyers were bigger, more powerfully armed, and faster than any similar class of vessel in the other fleets. The Fubuki-class destroyers and those whom it succeeded remained formidable opponents to the end of World War II.


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