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Game Updates/2015/October 9th

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September 25th, 2015 October 9th, 2015 October 30th, 2015

Autumn 9th 2015 Update Pacific Saury Mini Event Update

Cooked pacific saury.
Example of a Japanese Good Catch Flag.

See here for seasonal CG images, voices, and saury-catching info.

  1. UI updated
    • It is now possible to drag-and-drop ship banners to adjust the order of ships within the fleet. It is also possible to remove a ship from the fleet by dragging the banner outside the composition area.
    • There is now a button to resupply the fleet with one click. It is now also possible to check morale (red/orange face; sparkling) in this screen as well.
    • For successive construction/development beyond the first, the game now will set the default value of resource usage to the previous recipe used until you leave the factory screen. This is also the behavior for LSC.
    • The equipment album is expanded to account for the increased number of equipments.
    • There will be further enhancement to the composition screen in the future.
    • The left-side menu background graphic (in the main naval base screen) is partially updated.
    • Kanmusu's experience bar can now be displayed in other sections such as the equipment section.
  2. Fall Mini-Event update
    • It is now possible to provide support for Saury Fishing.
    • Furnishing related to saury implemented
    • Kanmusu's Saury-Mode implemented
    • Isokaze available as time-limited drop
    • Saury cooking implemented
  3. Commencement of "Saury Fishing" Support Operation!
    • During the saury festival, by defeating the abyssal fleets at certain nodes in maps, it's possible to obtain sauries. Admirals who complete all related missions will be rewarded with the "Good Catch Flag".
  4. Implementation of Saury-related furnishing & updates to furnishing shop listing
    • "Naval Base Saury Festival" is available as a new furnishing. 4 other furnishings are revived (Green Curtain Window; Strengthened Anti-Air Window; Stained Glass; "Night Battle" Scroll). The "Saury Dining Table", Fall Festival Furnishing, and the Naval Base Counter Bar are updated as well!
  5. Isokaze's Saury-Mode implemented
    • She now gains a limited-time new voiced line related to saury.
  6. Murasame's Saury-Mode implemented
    • She now gains a limited-time new voiced line for the fall.
  7. Ushio's and Akebono's Saury-Mode implemented
    • Ushio now gains a limited-time new voiced line for the fall.
  8. Isokaze's drop points
    • Available in specific maps of World 2, World 5, and World 6.
    • Admirals who do not possess Isokaze may encounter her in 1-5 and 1-6 as well.
  9. Saury Cooking
    • Sauries obtained via fishing are stored in the inventory, and by selecting how to cook the sauries, you may obtain resources on top of mission rewards.
      • Saury Sashimi: Requires 3 sauries
      • Salted And Broiled Saury: Requires 5 sauries
      • Kabayaki Saury: Requires 7 sauries
    • When making Kabayaki Saury, it is possible to obtain preservable item (that doesn't expire at the end of the event) by having Mamiya and Akashi collaborate.
  10. End of Kaga's Cape Fair
    • Will be revived!