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Game Updates/2015/September 25th

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September 20th, 2015 September 25th, 2015 October 9th, 2015

September 25th, 2015 The Autumn Yukata Update Part 2

See here for seasonal voices and CG.

  1. Second Remodel for Shoukaku
    • Requires extremely high level.
    • Will consume Blueprint and Prototype Flight Deck Catapult.
    • Comes with new voiced lines at the base as well as during battle.
  2. Shoukaku Kai Ni's Flight Deck Fortification Possible
    • Shoukaku Kai Ni can be converted into Shoukaku Kai Ni Kou which will result in her becoming armored carrier (like Taihou).
    • This conversion will result in reduced plane capacity for her!
    • In the future, Shoukaku Kai Ni Kou can utilize special new planes.
  3. Specifics Regarding Fortification of Shoukaku Kai Ni's Flight Deck
    • Will not require Blueprint or Prototype Flight Deck Catapult.
    • Will require higher level, development materials, steel and the such.
    • Can be converted back to normal Shoukaku Kai Ni.
  4. 10 New Quests
    • A56 [Re-Compose the "5th Carrier Division"!]
    • A57 [Prepare the New "21st Squadron" for Sortie!]
    • A58 [Compose the "16th Squadron (1st gen.)"!]
    • B50 [Sortie the "5th CarDiv" to the South]
    • B51 [Sortie the "New 21st Cruiser Division"]
    • B52 [Sortie the "16th Squadron (1st Gen.)"]
    • D19 [Strengthen the Carrier Task Force Operations]
    • F19 [Model Conversion]
    • F20 [Formation of the "Elite Type 97 Torpedo Bomber Squadron"]
    • Each has requirements that must be met prior to being available.
  5. New Improvements Availalbe at Akashi's Improvement Arsenal
  6. Fall Time-Limited CG & Voices for Chitose and Chiyoda (both AV and CVL form)
    • The voiced lines appear to be related to baked sweet potatoes...
  7. Fall Time-Limited CG & Voices for Ikazuchi and Inazuma
    • The voiced lines are towards the commander!
  8. Fall Time-Limited CG & Voices for Harusame
    • Just like the 2ndDesDiv...
  9. Fall Time-Limited CG & Voices for Kuma and Tama
    • Half of the voiced lines for these two might only be something like animal sounds?
  10. Katori and Akigumo Available via Construction
  11. Display Fixes And Other Stuff
    • Isuzu Kai Ni has her capability in the improvement arsenal changed (both equipment and days of the week)
    • Kaga Cape fair for the Jukebox extended until next update
    • Improved capability to track BOT/Macro user.
  12. Fall Time-Limited Voices