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Game Updates/2015/October 30th

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October 9th, 2015 October 30th, 2015 November 18, 2015

October 30th, 2015 Zuikaku Kai Ni and UI update

Halloween CG can be found here.

  1. Zuikaku now gets a second remodel
    • Second remodel at level 77.
    • Requires a blueprint and a catapult.
    • Some new voice lines for kai ni.
  2. Zuikaku Kai Ni can be remodeled into kai ni kou.
    • Converting into kai ni kou requires additional resources.
    • It is possible to convert back from kai ni kou into kai ni.
  3. Kai ni and kai ni kou have different colouring
  4. Ship slots have been increased
    • Maximum is now 270.
    • Maximum equipment slots have increased by 40.
  5. Organisation UI Update
    • You can now save fleet compositions.
    • You can find the new screen to save your compositions in the bottom left of the Organisation screen.
  6. To save a fleet, select the topmost tab in the bottom left and click the record (記録) button.
    • You can currently save only 3 fleets.
    • You can unlock up to 2 more save slots by using a dock key, resulting in a maximum of 5 slots.
  7. To use a fleet you have saved, click on the uppermost tab in the bottom left and click the deploy (展開) button.
    • The equipment the girls have is whatever they are currently equipped with; equipment loadouts are not saved.
    • You can delete saved configurations
  8. Equipment UI update
    • It is now possible to drag and drop to swap equipment on ship girls.
  9. New fighter planes
  10. 15 new missions added
    • Prototype Flight Deck Catapult quest chain
      • A59 [Organise the 3rd Carrier Division!]
      • B53 [Sortie the 3rd Carrier Division to Protect the Nansei Islands!]
      • A60 [Organise the 4th Carrier Division!]
      • A61 [Organise the 'Ozawa Fleet'!]
      • B54 [Sortie the Ozawa Fleet!]
      • F23 [New aviation equipment prototype test]
    • New Mounthly quests
      • F22 [Organization of the new elite fighter force]
      • F25 [Model conversion]
    • Iwai Flight quest chain
      • F24 [Model conversion]
      • F26 [Reorganization of the fighter force]
      • F27 [Model conversion & force reorganization]
    • Iwamoto Flight quest chain
      • F28 [Reorganization of the fighter force]
      • F29 [Model conversion]
      • A62 [Organise the New Carrier Division!]
      • F30 [Model conversion & force reorganization]
    • Some quests will have a prerequisites.
  11. End of saury event
    • Leftover sauries will be deleted.
    • Isokaze's autumn CG will be saved in the shipdex.
    • Isokaze is no longer a drop.
  12. End of Autumn festival
    • All yukata and Oktoberfest CG will be removed and saved in the shipdex.
    • Autumn voice lines will be removed.
    • Autumn Saury CG will remain.
  13. Halloween begins
  14. Limited time drop for Libeccio
    • World 4-5 will have a chance to drop Libeccio.
  15. Misc
    • Skilled pilot item has been added.
    • Shiden Kai 2 gets a +3 EVA buff.
    • Admirals who don't have Libeccio will have a 3x drop rate.