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Winter 2015 Event

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Winter 2015 Event Banner Alt.jpg


The Winter 2015 Event, 【Counter-attack! Assault on Truk Anchorage】 began on February 6th, ending two weeks later on February 23rd. (11AM JST)

It is based around Operation Hailstone.

Patch Notes

See Recent Updates for more info.

  1. New Ships
  2. New Enemy Vessels
  3. New Equipment
  4. Voice and other Updates


Participation requirements

  • Must have a 75% sortie win ratio
  • Must have 5 empty ship slots for new ships
  • Must have 20 free equipment slots
Click that option circled in Red.
Un-highlighted = Current Difficulty. Pick new difficulty and click the right option to confirm change.

Special Mechanics

  1. Combined Fleet (E-3 and E-5)
  2. Line of Sight requirements on all maps.
  3. Selectable and changeable difficulty
    • This event has 3 ranks: easy (丙), medium (乙), hard (甲).
      • HQ Level 35 unlocks medium, HQ Level 80 unlocks hard. 
    • You can choose the difficulty in each map separately.
    • Different difficulties give different medals, equipment and materials when clearing the maps.
    • Ships rewards (U-511, Katori and Amagi) will appear regardless of the difficulty.
    • Difficulties probably affect drop rates, but most drops are possible on any difficulty.
      • Isokaze has not been reported to drop in E-5 easy
      • I-401 has not been reported to drop in E-4 easy
    • When the difficulty is changed, the boss's health bar will be reset.
    • Once the map is cleared (boss HP bar is depleted and killed), you CANNOT go back and change the difficulty.
    • The First Class Medal symbol (the one that appears beside your name in your Admiral page) is given, along with the medal item (the one in your inventory) the moment you clear E-5 on hard, regardless of the difficulties chosen for previous maps.
  4. There is no ship locking for this event.
  5. The boss HP gauges does not regenerate over time in any map in any difficulty.
  6. Support expeditions are available. Expedition 141 Focuses on Support for Normal Nodes, Whereas Expedition 142 Focuses Support on Boss Nodes. The Expeditions DO REQUIRE that you have 2 DDs in your fleet. Do take note that their expeditions will end early after you finish one sortie, so try to make the most use out of them.

Event Maps


Wreck the enemy submarines around our anchorage!


  • Requires 5 kills to complete. On final kill, boss flagship will become an upgraded version, and needed to be killed in order to destroy the bar.
  • Can only use CL and DD. Minimum 2 DD to reach the boss.
  • Boss: (Node I) Submarine So-class Elite (甲)
    Final Form: (Node I) Submarine So-class Flagship (甲)
  • ASW
  • Nodes B, C, F, J and K have no battle
  • Rewards upon clear:
    • Clearing on Hard (甲): 1 Chocolate, 1 Mamiya, 1 Furniture Fairy, 2 Improvement Materials, 1 Reppuu (601 Squadron)
    • Clearing on Medium (乙): 1 Chocolate, 1 Mamiya, 1 Furniture Fairy, 1 Reppuu (601 Squadron)
    • Clearing on Easy (丙): 1 Chocolate, 1 Mamiya, 1 Furniture Fairy, 1 Reppuu
  • The Chocolate is exchangeable for some resources. You should keep it because it's cute. (700 fuel 700 steel 700 ammo 1500 bauxite on used.) BE WARY WHEN CLICKING ON THE CHOCOLATE, THERE IS NO CONFIRMATION SCREEN AND IT WILL BE AUTOMATICALLY CONSUMED WHEN CLICKED
  • Admirals can farm for Akashi in E-1, even if they already own one or more.
Winter 2015 Event E-1 Banner.png
Winter 2015 Event E-1 Map.png

Branching rules

  • Random between A and B
  • More than 1 CL or insufficient LOS will send you from H to G
  • LOS check from G to I
  • LOS check from H to I (Apparently requires more LOS than G to I)
  • LOS must be 120 or higher to avoid going from H to J (On easy difficulties, still need more data)
  • LOS requirement is 90 and above. Lower than that will send you to Node J if you're from Node H and Node K if you're from Node G (Tested and confirmed on Easy and Medium Difficulty).LOS is affected by HQ level. This number is useless without a HQ level as a reference.
  • Recommended ELOS (new formula) of 50 or more. (Needs confirmation, seems much too high)


  • Have some surface equip ready for Node G as there will be surface opponents.
  • All other nodes are pure submarines.
  • Fighting Sub-only nodes does not expend ammo
  • The submarines on node H are in line ahead formation. Use line abreast when attacking them.
  • Type 0 Recon Airplane is very useful for increasing LOS for node I
  • The boss BGM is 『吹雪』, the ending theme of the anime.


Bombing of Truk anchorage


Winter 2015 Event E-2 Banner.png
Winter 2015 Event E-2 Map.png

Branching rules

  • A fleet without DD/CL/CVL/Akitsumaru/Akashi will always end up at the dead end J
  • At least 2 DD/CL/CVL/Akitsumaru/Akashi OR 1 CV + 1 CVL(any combination) and not more than 1 CLT required to start with node A
  • 2 BBVs will send you to the maelstrom node
  • 1 CL, at least 3 DD, fast fleet, and and not more than two of (CL, CLT, CA (not CAV), BB, CV, empty slot) required to go from A to D, otherwise you go to F.
  • A fleet with at most 1 BB and at most 1 CV goes from F to G, otherwise it's H
  • CL + CAV + CV + 3xDD goes A->D->E->G->I (Boss)
  • LOS check from G/H to I
  • If you're having trouble getting to the boss, it's advisable to avoid starting at node B; fuel loss = higher chances to get hit
  • E-2 Boss Final Kill Air-Power:
    • Hard final kill -> AS: 405, AS+: 810.
    • Medium final kill -> AS: 279, AS+: 558
    • Easy final kill -> AS: 153, AS+: 306


  • 2 FBB 2 CV 1 CL 1 DD
  • 3 FBB 2 CV 1 DD
  • 1 CLT 2BB 1 CV 1 CVL 1 DD (A-F-H-I)
  • 3 BB 2CV 1CVL (B-C-F-H-I)
  • 1 DD 1 CL 2CV 2FBB
  • 2 BB 1 CA 2CVL 1CV
  • 2CA(V) 2CL 2CV (Light Fleet Ver.)
  • 2FBB, 2CV, 2CVL
  • 2FBB, 1CAV, 1CA, 2CVL
  • 2FBB, 1CV, 1CVL, 1CA, 1CL
  • 2FBB, 2CV, 1CVL, 1DD
  • 2FBB, 2CV, 1CAV, 1DD
  • 1FBB, 1CV, 1CVL, 1CAV, 1CA, 1DD (A-F-G-I)
  • 1CVL, 1CLT, 1FBB, 1BB, 1CL, 1CA(V) -- > (A-F-H-I)
  • CLT can be taken, without 2CVL bound to going to maelstrom node
  • Node B is a fuel maelstrom and Node D is "no battle"
  • Akizuki (Kai), Fubuki (Kai Ni), Hatsushimo (Kai Ni), Ushio (Kai Ni) or Shigure (Kai Ni) for doing AA cut-in (especially in the boss node) due to their high AA stats, reduces chances of damage from Nu-class flagship and Wo-class flagship
  • The boss BGM is 『吹雪』, the ending theme of the anime. However, the song will start on a different stanza than the one used in E-1.


Combined Fleet, sortie now!


Winter 2015 Event E-3 Banner.png
Winter 2015 Event E-3 Map.png

Branching rules

  • Having 2 CLTs in second fleet may send you from F to G
  • Having 2 CAV goes from start to C
  • There is no battle at A, and E is a maelstrom node (fuel amount taken depends on how many radars your fleet has equiped, the more radars the less fuel lost)
  • LoS check from G to I


  • Battleship Princess at node H and I can always send your ship back home with 1 shot. Sparkling your ships is strongly recommended.
  • Having Ooyodo's Command Fleet Facility is helpful for getting to the boss node if someone in either fleet (except flagships) goes red, especially on the pre-boss nodes. Beware that on a C->E->H->K route, escorting a DD back on node C will cause E->F instead of E->H as E->H requires 3 DD and no CLT.
  • 4 FBB + 1 CV + Akitsumaru (1st fleet) and 1 CL + 1 CLT + 4 DD (2nd fleet) will go either A->B->F->H->K or C->E->F->H->K (random). 4 battles total either way.
  • 2 FBB + 2 CAV + 2 CVL (1st fleet) and 1 CL + 1 CA + 4 DD (2nd fleet) will go C->E->H->K. This is only 3 battles total and is probably the shortest route to boss. Though there is a fuel maelstrom at E.
  • [Quick Response] - 2 FBB + 1 CAV + 3 CV (1st fleet) and 1 CL + 1 CA + 4 DD (2nd fleet) works pretty well if you have the ships supporting this composition. Goes A->B->F->H->K or C->E->F->H->K (random). Usually using top right formation (survive) until the boss node, then switch to bottom right (battle).
  • 2BB+1BBV+2CAV+CV (1st) 4DD+1CL+1CA (2nd) C->E->H->K Hard Mode
  • [Quick Response] - 1 BB 1 FBB 3 CV 1 CA (1st fleet) and 1 CL 1 CLT 3 DD 1 FBB (2nd fleet) will go A->B->F->H->K or C->E->F->H->K. There is a fuel maelstrom at node E.
  • [Quick Response] - 2 FBB 2 CAV 2CV (1st fleet) and 1 CL 1 CAV 4 DD (2nd fleet) will go C->E->H->K.
  • 1 CA, 2 FBB, 1 BB, 1 CAV, 1 CV (main fleet) and 1 CL, 1 CA, 1 CAV, 3 DD (second fleet) will go either C->E->H->K or A->B->C->E->H->K (random).
  • [Quick Response] - 1FBB, 1BB, 1 CAV, 2CVL, 1CV (main fleet) and 1 FBB, 1 CLT, 1CL, 3DD (second fleet) will go A->B->G->I->K with LoS check from G to I.
  • The boss BGM is [海色] the Opening theme of the anime


Seize the Enemy Task Force!


  • Single Fleet
  • Takes 6 kills on Medium (乙).
  • Takes 6 kills on Easy (丙)
  • Boss: (Node K) Aircraft Carrier Princess(甲)
  • Rewards upon clear:
    • Clearing on Hard (甲): Katori, 1 Medal, 6 Improvement Materials
    • Clearing on Medium (乙): Katori, 1 Medal, 3 Improvement Materials
    • Clearing on Easy (丙): Katori
Winter 2015 Event E-4 Banner.png
Winter 2015 Event E-4 Map.png

Branching rules

  • At least 2 DD are REQUIRED.
  • Start to A/B/E:
    • 2 or more CLT goes to A.
    • All fast and 2+ CV(L) will go to A.
    • All fast, 1 CV(L) and 3DD or 1CL+2DD will go to A.
    • CL, 4DD and a CLT, CA(V) or DD goes directly to E (maelstrom).
    • Otherwise B.
  • B to D/F:
    • All fast and no CV, CVL or CLT will go to D.
    • Naka or Agano will guarantee B to D. Maikaze and Nowaki together also guarantees B to D.
      • Unless no CLT, no CV, no CVL and no slow speed.
    • Otherwise F.
  • H to J/I:
    • 2 CV(L) goes to J.
    • 2 BBV goes to J?
    • Otherwise I.
  • LOS checks at I and J.


  • E node Maelstrom, B node no battle, G is an easy transport node, and I node Night Battle.
  • The boss has a lot of fighters and good bombers, so using large capacity CVs like Taihou or Kaga is recommended.
  • Hard: 47 ELOS confirmed to reach boss.
  • The boss node flagship Aircraft Carrier Princess has 150 armor and 350 endurance, thus it is unlikely she will be damaged heavily without artillery spotting, strong night battle setups, or critical hits.
  • High luck stat DD (e.g. Yukikaze, Shigure, Ayanami) are very useful for cut-in attack during night battle.
  • Destroyers equipped for AA cut-in and double attack are good when placed towards the top of the formation.
  • Especially for Hard difficulty, boss node support expedition is strongly recommended.
  • Fighter Air Power
    • Hard: 228 for superiority at boss & about 102 for parity.
    • Medium: 231 for superiority at boss & about 103 for parity.
    • Easy: 183 for superiority at boss & about 82 for parity.
    • Keep in mind there are air battles along any route which will reduce fighters from their initial counts, especially for single CV fleets.
    • At least air parity is recommended to prevent enemy artillery spotting and reduce opening airstrike damage.

Recommended Formations:

  • Middle routes
    • 2BB 2DD 2CV (include a slow battleship). BFHJK route.
    • 2BB 2DD CV CLT (include a slow battleship). BFHIK route.
  • South route (AA cut-ins and boss support recommended)
    • 2DD BB(slow) CLT CV Agano or Naka
    • Maikaze Nowaki BB(slow) BB CLT CV
    • 4CA(V) 2DD
    • 2FBB 2CA(V) 2DD
  • Northern routes are not recommended.
  • The boss BGM is [海色] the Opening theme of the anime. However, it starts from a different stanza than the one used in E-3.


Decisive Battle! Combined Fleet, Begin Counterattack!


  • Combined Fleet
  • Boss requires 6 kills to complete on both Medium (乙) and Hard (甲).
  • Boss requires 8 kills to complete on Easy (丙).
  • Boss:(Node J) Battleship Water Demon "damaged"(甲)
  • Rewards upon clear:
    • Clearing on Hard (甲): Amagi, 2 Medals, 8 Improvement Materials, 1 First Class Medal
    • Clearing on Medium (乙): Amagi, 2 Medals, 6 Improvement Materials
    • Clearing on Easy (丙): Amagi, 1 Medal
  • The First Class Medal is exchangable for Fuel10,000, 10 Development Materials, 10 Improvement Materials, and 10 Large Furniture Boxes.
    • The First Class Medal SYMBOL which appears next to your name on your Admiral's Page is obtained TOGETHER with the medal item. Getting the medal item will automatically grant you the medal symbol. In short, ONLY E-5 hard completion is needed, the difficulty completed E1 to E4 does not matter. Please pay attention that if you CONSUME the First Class Medal for resources, the SYMBOL WILL DISAPPEAR!!!
  • Node C is an empty node, Node D is a fuel maelstrom.
Winter 2015 Event E-5 Banner.png
Winter 2015 Event E-5 Map.png

Branching rules

  • Node A/B (higher conditions override lower)
    • Three or more carriers in the first fleet guarantees A.
    • Two or more CLT in the second fleet OR any submarines in the second fleet guarantees A.
    • Naka OR Agano OR Maikaze + Nowaki the second fleet will go to B.
    • If the first fleet consists of only fast ships, fleet will go to B.
    • Other fleets will go to A.
  • Having Akashi or Katori in the first fleet OR a submarine in the second fleet brings you from A to C, otherwise it random between C or D.
  • Generally Surface Combined Fleets are sent from D north to E, while Fast Response Combined Fleets are sent east to F.
  • G and H/I are random.
  • More than 2 CLT will result in a deadend.


  • Light Cruiser Demon is at node A. Try to weaken her before she fires her torpedo.
  • Aircraft Carrier Demon awaits you at the pre-boss node.
  • On the final boss kill for hard difficulty, Battleship Water Demon awaits you with an escort of 2 Battleship Princesses, Standard Carrier Wo-Class Flagship II, and 2 Heavy Cruiser Ne-class elites.
  • Surface Combined Fleet is highly preferred since it is better able to defend the second fleet until the boss battle.
  • Cut-in setups and night battle equipment are highly recommended for the boss's final form.
  • Fighter power of 252 is needed for hard mode pre-final kill air superiority at the boss.
    • This is achievable with 2CVL + 1BBV or 1CV + Akitsumaru + 2BBV
  • Fighter power of 126 is needed for hard mode final boss formation air superiority.
    • This is achievable with 1CV
  • Katori Kai is recommended as flagship to avoid the fuel maelstrom while holding the Fleet Command Facility.
  • Pre-boss support expedition is recommended.
  • Boss support expedition is recommended for final form.
  • 4FBB,1CV,1CA + 2CLT,2DD,1CAV,1CL works well for easy and normal nodes.

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