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Summer 2013 Event

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Summer 2013 Event Banner.jpg

This event was called "Southern Waters Assault Reconnaissance" (南方海域強襲偵察!) The event began on August 1st, 2013 and lasted until August 26th, 2013.

It was formerly known as August 2013 event.

Map Details

E-1 - 警戒線を突破せよ!Break through the cordon!

  • The boss's health does not regenerate.
  • The boss is a submarine, so only Destroyers, Light Cruisers, Light Carriers, and similar ships could attack it..
  • Reward upon clearing: I-168.

E-1 Map

E-2 - 敵洋上戦力を排除せよ!Eliminate the enemy naval threat!

E-2 Map

E-3 - 敵集結地を強襲せよ!Assault the enemy staging area!

  • The boss's health regenerate one gauge every two hours.
  • Reward upon clearing: Suzuya.

E-3 Map

E-4 - 敵大型超弩級戦艦を叩け!Strike the enemy super dreadnought battleship!

  • The boss's health regenerate one gauge every hour.
  • Reward upon clearing: Yamato.

E-4 Map