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Category:Escort Carriers

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This category contains all ships classified as Escort Carriers.

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Escort Carriers (CVE) are CVL with a base ASW stat. They are able to perform Opening ASW, as other CVL cannot reach enough ASW to trigger them, and are able to be placed in the main fleet of a Transport Combined Fleet.

Ship ASW Stat Required Equipment Required
Any CVL 50+ ASW SONAR + Torpedo Bomber / Liaison Aircraft / Rotorcraft
Sonar + Any with 7+ ASW
65+ ASW Torpedo Bomber Liaison Aircraft Rotorcraft
Any with 7+ ASW
100+ ASW SONAR + Dive Bomber Torpedo Bomber Liaison Aircraft Rotorcraft
Sonar + Any with 1+ ASW

The following are considered CVE:

  • Taiyou-class
  • Casablanca-class‎
  • Independence-class‎
  • Houshou Kai Ni/Sen
  • Ryuuhou Kai Ni/E
  • Zuihou Kai Ni B

Despite having her card calling her an "Escort Carrier", and being historically one, Yamashio Maru is an AO and not a CVE.


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