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Category:Escort Carriers

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Escort Carriers (CVE) are Light Carriers (CVL) with a base ASW stat. They are able to perform special Opening ASW and are able to be placed in the main fleet of a Transport Combined Fleet.

Ship ASW Stat Required Equipment Required
Any Escort Carrier 65+ ASW Torpedo Bomber Liaison Aircraft Rotorcraft
Any with 7+ ASW
100+ ASW SONAR + Dive Bomber Torpedo Bomber Liaison Aircraft Rotorcraft
Sonar + Any with 1+ ASW

The following are considered CVE:

  • Taiyou-class
  • Casablanca-class‎
  • Independence-class‎
  • Ryuuhou Kai Ni/E
  • Zuihou Kai Ni B

Despite having her card calling her an "Escort Carrier", and being historically one, Yamashio Maru is an AO and not a CVE.


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