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Furniture Box

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Item Icon Furniture Box (Small).png
Item Full Furniture Box (Medium).png
Item Full Furniture Box (Large).png

Furniture Boxes are the only way to obtain furniture coins Furniture Coin for Furniture purchasing.

  • Furniture Box (Small) Small box: contains 200 coins
  • Furniture Box (Medium) Medium box: contains 400 coins
  • Furniture Box (Large) Large box: contains 700 coins

How to Obtain


One time:



Some Expeditions reward Furniture Box(es) (Great Sucess (GS) only sometimes):

  • Furniture Box (Small) Small box: 04 (GS), 06, 09, 11, 13 (GS), B1, 19, 20 (GS), 21, 27 (x2, GS), 29 (GS), 31, 25 (x2), 37 (x2), 38, 40 (x3),
  • Furniture Box (Medium) Medium box: 12, 28 (x2, GS), 36 (x2), 39 (GS), 45,
  • Furniture Box (Large) Large box: 15, B3, 32, D2 (GS), E1 (x2), 42, 44 (x2, GS)


Some Resource Nodes reward Furniture Box(es) during sorties on certain maps:

How to Use

Open Furniture Box.png

Within the Inventory, it is possible to click on each Box type to open then. A window will appear to ask either to:

  • Open all of those boxes,
  • Open half of those boxes,
  • Open 10 of those boxes.

Keep in mind that Furniture coins are capped at 300,000, and so opening too many boxes may result in some coins being wasted.

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