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First Class Medal

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Item Card First Class Medal.png


First Class Medals (FCM) are obtained from clearing the final map of an event on Hard Mode. They were introduced with the Winter 2015 Event. Their purpose is mainly for bragging rights.

Not to be confused with Medals Item Icon Medal.png.

  • The number of FCM you have obtained is displayed in your Military Record.
    • It is also visible to other Admirals in your entry on the Ranking page.
  • Currently the maximum amount of FCM one can obtain is 24.
  • FCM can be traded in for:
    • 10,000 Fuel Fuel
    • 10 Development Materials Development material
    • 10 Improvement Materials Improvement material
    • 10 Large Furniture Boxes Furniture Box (Large)
  • Consuming them will not update your count visible on the ranking page till the ranking updates at 0300 and 1500 JST.

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