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Game Updates/2019/April 22nd

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March 27th, 2019 April 22nd, 2019 April 30th, 2019

April 22nd, 2019 Kongou Kai 2 C Update

  1. Shipgirl changes
    • Kongou-class nameship, Kongou has received a new remodel - Kongou Kai Ni C.
      • It's a what-if remodel.
      • One of the turrets was replaced with torpedo launchers to support cruiser and destroyer formation in close-quarter combat.
      • She can now equip Zuiuns.
      • She can now equip anti-installation equipment.
      • Requires an action report, two blueprints, two New Type Artillery Materials and 600 development materials.
      • She also received new voice lines and a special remodel animation.
    • 6th Anniversary Gratitude voice lines were implemented.
    • Zuiun Parade voice lines were implemented.
    • Etorofu has received a time-limited Zuiun CG.
    • Mizuho and Kamoi can now be used to increase the maximum HP of Mizuho and Kamoi.
    • Kamoi can also be used to increase the maximum HP of Agano-class light cruisers and Yamato-class battleships.
      • You will want multiple copies of those AVs for each HP modernization attempt.
      • HP modernization has a limit.
  2. Akashi changes
    • You can now upgrade Prototype 35.6 cm Triple Gun Mount to the new 35.6 cm Twin Gun Mount Kai with the help of certain Kongou-class battleship.
    • Kongou Kai Ni C can also be used to improve 35.6 cm Twin Gun Mount Kai.
  3. Quest changes
    • 6th Anniversary time-limited quests were added.
    • [GW-only] 6th Anniversary Sortie Mission
      • You'll obtain the "6th Anniversary" Wall Scroll" upon clearing this mission!
      • The anniversary wall scroll comes with a portrait gimmick!
    • [GW-only] 6th Anniversary Sortie Mission -Extra Operation-
      • The reward choices include a blueprint!
    • C32 [6th Anniversary Exercise]
    • B133 [Heavily Refurbished Fast Battleship "Kongō K2C", Head to the South!]
      • Clearing this mission will reward you with the strongest version of the 35.6cm Twin Gun Mount.
    • B134 [Fleet Headquarters Improvements [Preparation Phase]]
    • D29 [Fleet Headquarters Improvements [Implementation Phase]]
  4. Map changes
    • Mizuho, Kamoi and Akitsushima will drop in World 1, World 2 and World 3 respectively.
      • Time-limited.
    • Commandant Teste will drop in World 3 and World 4.
      • Time-limited.
    • Light aviation cruiser Gotland will drop in World 4.
      • Time-limited.
  5. Furniture changes
    • Spring Gardening Window (new!)
    • "Yokosuka Naval Base" Wall Scroll
    • "Sasebo Naval Base" Wall Scroll
    • Green Fluffy Carpet (new!)
    • Creen Fluffy Wallboard (new!)
    • Bright Red High-Quality Carpet
    • "Zuiun Soul" Wall Scroll
    • "Zuiun" Paulownia Cabinet
    • Stained Glass with Flower Decoration (new!)
    • Satsuki's Seasonal Tea Set (new!)
    • Kongō's Black Tea Set
    • Secretary/Admiral Desk
    • Secretary/Admiral Desk, Model 2 (new!)
  6. Miscellaneous changes
    • Increased Port Expansion Limit from 400 to 410 slots.
    • Increased Equipment Slot Expansion limit from 1720 to 1760.
    • The maximum number of active quests has been increased from 6 to 7.
      • Fleet Headquarters Improvements [Preparation Phase] and Fleet Headquarters Improvements [Implementation Phase] quests are required.
    • Zuiun Multi-Angle Attack of Ise Kai Ni and Hyuuga Kai Ni had its animation slightly updated.
    • You can now see the slot size when equipping helicopters.
    • Fixed S-51J and S-51J Kai display bug on Android.
    • Aircraft Proficiency will no longer be lost in PvP.