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Game Updates/2019/March 27th

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March 22nd, 2019 March 27th, 2019 April 22nd, 2019

March 27th, 2019 Hyuuga Kai 2 Update

  1. Shipgirl changes
    • Ise-class Aviation Battleship Hyuuga has received her Kai Ni remodel.
      • Implements the similar mechanics to Ise Kai Ni, becoming a "Modernized Aviation Battleship".
        • Can only equip guns in the first two slots.
        • Can equip dive bombers, Zuiuns, deck fighters and ASW aircraft.
        • Operates 5 equipment slots.
      • Operates potentially powerful ASW with the use of Autogyroes.
      • Requires two Blueprints, a Prototype Deck Catapult, an Action Report, a set of New Model Aerial Armament Material and a bunch of Development Materials.
        • All these can be acquired with new quests.
      • Comes with a new set of voice lines.
        • Hyuuga Kai voice lines were also updated.
    • Ise Kai Ni as well as Hyuuga Kai Ni have received a new special attack - "Air/Sea Multi-Angle Attack".
    • Uzuki drop rate has been increased in some of the early maps. It's rabbit season!
    • Yugumo Kai Ni has received a Bouquet mode CG.
    • Matsuwa has received a Cherry Blossom mode CG.
    • Tsushima and Fukae drops have been removed and replaced by Matsuwa drop. Sado is still available in regular maps.
  2. Audio changes
    • A new BGM, "Sky of the Zuiun" has been implemented
      • You can listen to it in various maps, as well as with the Jukebox.
    • "Wake of DesRon2" BGM has been added to the Jukebox.
    • New Hanami voice lines for Mutsu, Nelson, Samuel B. Roberts, Kishinami, Shinyou, Gotland and many more.
  3. Equipment changes
    • Prototype Nanzan, F4U-1D, FM-2, Ju87C Kai and its other versions as well as the newly implemented Suisei Model 12 (634 Air Group w/ Type 3 Cluster Bombs) can now participate in anti-installation combat.
    • Zuiuns will now have their own unique artwork during the air combat phase of the battle.
    • Implementation of new Autogyros
      • O Type Observation Autogyro Kai
      • O Type Observation Autogyro Kai Ni
    • Implementation of a new type of equipment - Helicopters
      • S-51J and S-51J Kai
      • They are both ASW focused aircraft.
    • New elite Zuiun squadrons have been implemented
      • Zuiun Kai Ni (634 Air Group)
      • Zuiun Kai Ni (634 Air Group / Skilled)
  4. Akashi Arsenal changes
    • Ka Type Observation Autogyro, O Type Observation Autogyro Kai and Kai Ni can now be improved and upgraded.
    • S-51J can be improved and upgraded into S-51J Kai.
    • Zuiun Kai Ni (634 Air Group) can be upgraded into Zuiun Kai Ni (634 Air Group / Skilled) with the help of Hyuuga Kai Ni.
  5. Furniture changes
    • The furniture shop has been updated with new and returning cherry- and Uzuki-themed items:
      • Cherry Blossom Floor
      • Admiral's Writing Desk
      • Uzuki's Floor
      • Uzuki's Window
      • Uzuki's Desk
      • Uzuki's Wall Scroll etc.
  6. Quest changes
    • F84 [Development of Rotorcraft]
    • B131 [Aviation Battleship Squadron! Commence Combat Patrol]
    • B132 [Super Elite 4th Carrier Division, Weigh Anchor!]
    • F85 [Research of Aviation Rigging]
    • F86 [Research of Suisei's Bombing Power]
    • F87 [Organize the most elite Zuiun Unit]
    • C31 [Aircraft Exercise]
    • Large-scale Spring Exercise (replaces the Large-scale Winter Exercise mission)