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Game Updates/2018/February 5th

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January 17th, 2018 February 5th, 2018 February 16th, 2018

February 5th, 2018 Valentine's Day 2018 Update

  1. Valentine's Day Mode CG
  2. Valentine's Day Voice Lines
  3. Setsubun CG / Voice Lines have come to an end
  4. Hatsushimo Hourly Lines
    • Hatsushimo has been given Hourly Lines for her Kai and Kai Ni form
  5. Expansion to Max Ship Capacity
    • Maximum ship space has been increase from 350 to 360 along with equipment has been increased +40.
  6. New Mechanic: Anti-Air Rocket Barrage
    • The 12cm 30 Tube Rocket Launcher Kai 2, can now perform a new ability known as Anti-Air Rocket Barrage.
    • Aviation battleships, aircraft carriers, seaplane tenders and aviation cruisers equipped with this can launch an anti-air rocket barrage during the air battle phase.
    • When a ship successfully activates an Anti-Air Rocket Barrage during the opening air battle phase, will be able to negate the ability of the enemy air attack to deal damage to herself.
      • The Success Rate of the ship depends on the ship type
      • A certain pair of aviation battleship sisters (Ise and Hyuuga will have an especially high success rate.
  7. Air Defense Effect Update
    • Effect of the ship anti-air defense effect during the opening air battle phase will be updated.
    • This includes showing a new graphical special effect when Type 3 Shells activate during Aerial Phase.
  8. Akashi's Improvement Arsenal Update
  9. UI update
    • Kanmusu Encyclopedia has been updated
    • New Fairy has been added into the page along with new gimmick graphics
    • Equipment section has been expanded.
  10. Jukebox and BGM update
    • Jukebox has been updated to include Valentine's related music.
    • BGM has been updated for various sortie maps.
  11. New Furniture
    • Along with the Valentine's Day Furniture and February themed Furniture, the follow new Furniture has been added:
      • Coffee wallpaper
      • Naval District Cafe
      • Cafe wallpaper
      • Cafe Table Set
  12. New Quests
    • A Total of 6 New Quests have been added which include
      • A85 [Elite "21st Destroyer Division", prepare to Weigh Anchor!]
      • B113 [Continue the Matsu Transport Operation!]
      • B114 [Reformed CarDiv4, sortie at full might!]
      • C17 [Elite DesDiv21, commence special drill exercises!] ※ This quest comes with special voice lines
      • F70 [Improvement of the Main Fighter Force] (Quaterly)
      • F71 [Expansion of the anti-aircraft armament]
  13. Eve of the Final Battle Voice Lines