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Game Updates/2018/February 16th

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February 5th, 2018 February 16th, 2018 March 23th, 2018

February 16th, 2018 Winter 2018 Event Update

  1. Winter 2018 Event is released!
  2. Main Operation Notes
    • The following maps have been implemented for the main operation:
      • E-1: Battle Stations! Perform Thorough Patrols of the Route Ahead! "Battle of the Palawan Passage Route Patrols"
      • E-2: The Grand Sortie! Kurita Fleet's "Battle of the Sibuyan Sea"
      • E-3: Ozawa Task Force, Sortie with Full Force! "First Battle of Cape Engaño"
      • E-4: Beyond Samar.... "Battle of the Leyte Gulf"
  3. Extra Operation Notes
    • Extra Operation will be released on the evening of 2/18
  4. New Kanmusu
    • A Total of 7 Kanmusu will be released this event! 4 will be available in the Main Operation and 3 will be available on the Extra Operation.
    • Admirals who clear E-2 will obtain the Japanese Escort Hiburi.
    • Admirals who clear the final main Operation map (E-4) will obtain the American Carrier Gambier Bay.
  5. New Difficulty Mode
    • Very Easy Mode () has been implemented for the Admirals who are too busy to prepare or are very new to the game.
  6. Changes to lowering difficulty settings
    • When lowering the difficulty some progress you have successfully completed from the harder difficulty will carry over into the easier difficulty.
  7. Friend fleets
    • Friend fleets will be able to assist you during the Night Battle phase of the final part of E-4.
    • There are multiple compositions of the friendly fleet. The composition will change the player's composition of the First Striking Force.
  8. Musashi has been given a 2nd Remodel
    • Musashi will now be able to have a total of 5 equip slots (6 if an expansion is used)
    • Cost to remodel Musashi requires, 3 Blueprints, 3 New Type Artillery Armaments, and 1 Action Report
      • However, in this event there will be an opportunity to obtain 3 Blueprints if you complete the main operation on at least Easy Difficulty.
  9. New Voice Lines
    • 20+ Kanmsusu have received Decisive Battle Combat Voice lines that they will say during battle.
  10. New CG
    • Kanmusu such as Zuikaku have received a "Decisive Battle CG" for a limited time over the duration of the event.