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12cm 30 Tube Rocket Launcher Kai 2

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12cm 30 Tube Rocket Launcher Kai 2

No.274 12cm30連装噴進砲改二

Anti-aircraft Point-defense Weapon Anti-Aircraft Gun

Effects: Armor+1 Evasion+3 Anti-Air+8 Accuracy+1

Scrap Value: Ammunition5 Steel2 Bauxite3





Refittable Class
Coastal Defense ShipDestroyer
Light CruiserTorpedo Cruiser
Heavy CruiserAviation Cruiser
BattleshipAviation Battleship
Fast BattleshipLight Carrier
Standard CarrierArmored Carrier
Seaplane TenderSubmarine Tender
SubmarineSubmarine Carrier
Repair ShipTraining Cruiser
Fleet OilerAmphibious Assault Ship



An improved variant of the ship-based anti-air rocket launcher, the 12cm 30-tube Rocket Launcher, further refined by lessons learned in combat. With improvements to backblast countermeasures, reloading, and even fire control, the ability of the launcher's continuous rocket barrage of incendiary anti-air shrapnel to shield friendly ships from thinly armored enemy aircraft has further improved. Ise Kai and Hyuuga Kai's high anti-air effectiveness stands out further with this.


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