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Game Updates/2021/August 4th

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July 15th, 2021 August 4th, 2021 August 20th, 2021

August 4th, 2021 Summer Pre Event Preparation Update

  1. CG Updates
  2. Max ship Capacity increased
    • You can now purchase up to 500 ships within you fleet and hold an additional +40 Equip slots within your base
  3. Max Fleet Recording/Calling Presets increased
    • You can now purchase up to a maximum of 18 presets
  4. Max Equipment Recording/Calling Presets increased
    • Equipment presets have now been expanded to a maximum of 14 presets
    • Each Dock Expansion key will expand the presets by +2
  5. Ship Encyclopedia expansion
    • Encyclopedia has been expanded to hold more ships and equipment
  6. New Quests
    • Two New Quests have been added in preparations for the event
      • [Operation preparation] First stage mission
      • [Operation preparation] Second stage mission
    • All rewards will provide items which will be helpful for the event
  7. Furniture Update
    • Kure "Yamato" Thank You Scroll" is being handed out to players
  8. BGM Update
    • Summer related BGM have been included in the Jukebox
  9. Akashi Improvement Arsenal Update
  10. Special Attack Buff Update
    • Kongou-class Kai Ni C Attacks have been updated:
      • Ammo cost for the attack has been reduced
      • Their Special attack will now proc twice per sortie
      • It is also now have the ability to proc even when another ship girl has launched their own special attack in the same battle as long as the attack separate from them and can be used in night battle.
  11. Ship Stats Buff update
    • The following ships have gotten thier stats improved
  12. Equipment Buff Update
    • Visible stat have been modified and updated among carrier based planes
      • Torpedo bombers planes like the Tenzan, Swordfish and Barracuuda have been provided their own buffs
      • Torpedo bombers fit bonus stats now provide contributing damage in shelling and opening strike attacks
Quest info Rewards
"Operation Preparation" First Stage Mission (Anti-Submarine Maintenance)
"Operation Preparation" First Stage Mission: Perform the Expeditions "Defense Mission", "Anti Submarine Mission", Martime Escort Mission, "Supply Line Strengthening Mission", and "Strait Defense Line" and successfully complete them all at least once.
  • Complete Expedition 3,4,5,A1, and A2
Choose between:
Equipment Card Type 93 Passive Sonar.png
Type 93 Passive Sonar
Item Icon Development Material.png
Development Material

Then choose between:
Equipment Card Type 94 Depth Charge Projector.png
Type 94 Depth Charge Projector
Item Icon Improvement Material.png
Improvement Material
Item Icon Food Supply Ship Mamiya.png
Food Supply Ship Mamiya

"Operation Preparation" Second Stage Mission (Surface/Anti-Air Maintenance)
Organize a fleet consisting of 3 Destroyers within the fleet and proceed into the Coastal Refinery Area, Nansei Island Defense Line, Nansei Island Patrol Area, and the Nansei Island Bashi Channel. Within these areas, confront the main enemy fleet and destroy them!
  • Organize a fleet with 3 DD and 3 XX and score anS rank on the boss nodes of 1-3, 1-4, 2-1, 2-2.
Choose between:
Equipment Card Type 3 Shell.png
Type 3 Shell
Equipment Card 12cm 30-tube Rocket Launcher.png
12cm 30-tube Rocket Launcher
Equipment Card Shipborne Model Type 4 20cm Anti-ground Rocket Launcher.png
Shipborne Model Type 4 20cm Anti-ground Rocket Launcher

Then choose between:
Equipment Card Daihatsu Landing Craft.png
Daihatsu Landing Craft
Equipment Card 25mm Triple Autocannon Mount.png
25mm Triple Autocannon Mount
Item Icon Emergency Repair Goddess.png
Emergency Repair Goddess
Notes Requires: D42