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Game Updates/2021/August 20th

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August 4th, 2021 August 20th, 2021 September 28th, 2021

August 20th, 2021 Summer 2021 Event Update

  1. Reinforcement Transport Operation! Battle of the Mediterranean Event Commences
  2. (Main Operation) E-1: Operation MA3
    • Mission Area: Alexandria / Crete
    • The following fleets will be deployed in E-1:
      • 1st Special Squadron
      • Mediterranean Fleet
    • Also, one squadron of the land-based air force can be deployed to the area.
    • In this map, Warspite, Janus, Duca degli Abruzzi, Maestrale, Libeccio, Scirocco, Souya, and several Etorofu-class coastal defense ships can be obtained.
    • Also, the new Jingei-class submarine tender, Chougei, can be acquired here.
  3. New Event Exclusive Quests
    • E-1 Mission A: [Mediterranean Special Fleet] Special Mission Fleet, Tactical Force Formation
    • E-1 Mission B: [Mediterranean Mission] Strike the enemy forces deploy within the Mediterranean!
  4. Striking Force Fleet Formation Returns
    • The formation, which allows 7 ships to sortie in Fleet 3, can be unlocked by completing an event exclusive quest.
  5. Fleet presets UI Expansion
    • The fleet preset UI and database has been updated to save and load Striking Force setups with 7 ships. There is also an option to only load the first 6 ships of a Striking Force preset.
  6. Implementation of Ship Event Tag Filters
    • The fleet composition menu has been updated to display the ship event tags.
    • The following UI elements have been added to the ship list header:
      • Grey [All Ships] regular list
      • Orange [Operation Participants] displays only tagged ships
      • Green [On Standby] displays only untagged ships
  7. Kongou-class Night Battle Special Attack Update
    • The special attack can now also activate on Line Ahead in a single fleet and on Cruising Formation 2 in a combined fleet.

August 22nd, 2021 Summer 2021 Event E-2 Update

  1. (Main Operation) E-2: Battle off Cape Calabria
    • Mission Area: Mediterranean Sea / Coast off Malta / Thyrrhenian Sea
    • The following fleets will be deployed in E-2:
      • 2nd Special Squadron
      • Force H
    • Also, two squadrons of the land-based air force can be deployed to the area.
    • The land air base can be relocated closer to the front line later in the map.
    • In this map, Warspite, Janus, Ark Royal, Jervis, Sheffield, Aquila, Littorio, Roma, Zara, Pola, U-511, Richelieu, Nelson, and Shimushu-class coastal defense ships can be obtained. It is possible to obtain a 2nd Nelson on Medium/Hard difficulty.
    • And the new battleship, Conte di Cavour, will be rewarded for clearing the map.

August 31st, 2021 Summer 2021 Event Extra Operation Update

  1. (Extra Operation) E-3: Reinforcement Transport! Operation Pedestal
  2. Warspite Stat Update
    • Normally only fast battleships, specific slow battleships, and those whose speed has been boosted to at least Fast+ can be deployed in the escort fleet of a Combined Fleet. But Warspite Kai will now only require Fast speed.
  3. New Event Exclusive Quests
    • 10th Submarine Squadron Operation
      • Only available on Easy/Medium/Hard difficulty.
    • North Africa Operation
      • Rewards a Daihatsu Landing Craft (Panzer II/North African Specification)
      • Only available on Medium/Hard difficulty.