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Game Updates/2017/October 25th

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October 18th, 2017 October 25th, 2017 November 10th, 2017

  1. Michishio has received a second remodel.
    • This remodel does not require a Blueprint.
    • Various voice lines have also been updated.
    • New quest completion voice line(s) have also been added. They will be added to the Encyclopaedia after this year's Autumn Event.
  2. New Equipment / Akashi's Improvement Arsenal Updates:
    • 12.7cm連装砲C型改二
      • Obtainable from Michishio's second remodel, as well as via Akashi's Improvement Arsenal.
      • Also upgradeable via Akashi's Improvement Arsenal.
    • Additional ships can now assist in improving the 12.7cm Twin Mount Type-B Kai 2.
    • The Type 95 Depth Charge can now be upgraded via Akashi's Improvement Arsenal.
  3. Updates To Existing Equipment:
  4. Destroyers now have improved evasion during night battles when equipped with both a Radar as well as Skilled Lookouts.
    • Additionally, new Cut-Ins have been added for Destroyers: 「電探夜戦」 and 「電探雷撃」 (depending on equipment used).
      • These Cut-Ins are weaker than conventional Torpedo Cut-Ins, but have a higher chance of triggering.
    • The above changes are a preliminary update to the Night Battle system. More updates / changes may follow in the future.
      • Please note that it was unclear if future updates / changes referred to the Night Battle system as a whole, or just to Destroyers in particular.
  5. Updates To Expeditions:
    • A new World 2 Expedition has been added (南西方面航空偵察作戦).
    • As with Expeditions added during the previous update, LoS, ASW, and/or AA stats may be required as part of the new expedition.
  6. New Quests:
    • A total of 5 new quests have been added:
      • B108 [8th Destroyer Division, to the South West]「第八駆逐隊」、南西へ!
      • A81 [Organize the Most Elite 8th Destroyer Division!] 最精鋭「第八駆逐隊」を編成せよ!
      • B109 [Most Elite 8th Destroyer Division, All-out Sortie!] 最精鋭「第八駆逐隊」、全力出撃!
      • D27 [Making Preparations for "Operation Shou-Gou 1!"]「捷一号作戦」、発動準備!
      • A82 ["Nishimura Fleet" Second Squadron Accompanying Unit, Assemble!]「西村艦隊」第二戦隊随伴部隊、集結せよ!
    • The aforementioned new quest completion voice lines have also been implemented as part of the new series of 8th Destroyer Division quests.
    • As always, certain prerequisite quests may need to be cleared before these quests are unlocked.
  7. New Late Autumn voice lines have been added for several ships, including Yamato.
  8. Asagumo and Yamagumo have received new Autumn-Winter Uniforms & Battle of the Surigao Strait (秋冬制服&スリガオ海峡突入) CGs.
  9. Various graphics have been updated, including the World icons at the bottom of the Sortie menu, and some graphics in the Home Port / Main Menu.
  10. The maximum possible number of ship slots has been increased to 350, and the maximum possible number of equipment slots has been increased to 1500.
    • 10 ship slots and 40 equipment slots per purchase.
  11. The "Type 17 Big Catch Flag" furniture item (that was a reward during the Naval District Saury Festival 2017) has also been updated.