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Game Updates/2017/October 18th

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September 29th, 2017 October 18th, 2017 October 25th, 2017

  1. Naval District Saury Festival 2017 has ended.
    • All CGs related to the Festival (Fishing CG, Autumn Festival Happi Coat CG, Yukata CG, and Pacific Saury CG) have also been removed from the game.
    • New CGs have been added to the Encyclopaedia.
  2. New Autumn Casual (Lit. "Personal") Clothing CGs have been added for the following ships:
  3. Halloween and Oktoberfest CGs for Libeccio and Z1 respectively have also been added back into the game.
  4. Late Autumn voice lines have been added for more than 30 ships.
    • Special voice lines for "The Night Before The Decisive Battle" have been added for selected ships as well.
  5. GUI for the Sortie and Expedition menus has been updated.
    • A new function for the Expedition menu was also added (details to follow).
    • Improvements were also made to the Fleet Formation and Resupply menus, where smoke effects from damaged ships previously caused some issues.
  6. The Sound options and UI have been updated with "one-click" functions.
    • It is now possible to instantly mute and/or unmute certain sound effects by clicking on each speaker button.
  7. Furniture Store UI has been updated.
    • Both the Furniture Store as well as the Furniture Selection menu have been updated.
    • Furniture that have attached BGMs will now display instrument fairies in the relevant menus to reflect this.
    • There are no updates to the Furniture Store's inventory in this update.
  8. Updates to Expeditions:
    • The Drum Canister icon in the menu has been updated.
    • A maximum of four Daihatsu / Type 2 Ka-Mi Tank can now be viewed from the menu.
    • New expeditions have been added to the various areas in-game.
      • Three new kinds of Expeditions have been added, including:
        • A1 兵站強化任務
        • A2 海峡警備行動
        • A3 長時間対潜警戒
      • These new expeditions have more specific requirements, such as ASW, AA, LoS, and more, on top of the usual expedition requirements (involving ship classes and so on).
    • A new mechanic known as "Temporary/Special Resupply" (臨時補給) has been added to the menu.
      • Under certain conditions, it is possible to use this mechanic to resupply expedition fleets directly from the Expeditions menu.
      • This does not have to be unlocked with DMM Points / cash.
      • This can be unlocked via quests and/or expeditions.
  9. A total of three new quests have been added to the game, including the following:
    • D25 [Strengthen the Expedition "Supply" Support System!] 遠征「補給」支援体制を強化せよ!
    • D26 [Gain Control of the Coastal Waters from the Invading Enemy Submarine Forces!] 近海に侵入する敵潜を制圧せよ! (quaterly)
    • B107 [Safely Secure the Supply Line!] 補給線の安全を確保せよ!
    • As always, certain prerequisite quests may need to be cleared before these quests are unlocked.
  10. Updates to Aicraft Carrier Cut-Ins:
    • The proficiency of various aircraft involved in the Cut-In attack (Dive Bombers / Torpedo Bombers / Fighters / Etc.) will now be taken into account when calculating the attack success rate / critical hit rate / critical hit damage / etc.
    • When the aircraft that triggers the Cut-In is in the carrier's first slot (acting as the 隊長機編隊), the attack success rate is further affected by said aircraft's proficiency level.
  11. This year's Fall Event will take place next month.