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Game Updates/2017/September 29th

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September 12th, 2017 September 29th, 2017 October 18th, 2017

September 29th 2017 Naval District Saury Festival 2017 Update

  1. Naval District Saury Festival 2017 has now begun!
  2. Several CG implemented including Fishing CG, Autumn Festival Happi Coat CG, and Pacific Saury CG.
    • Verniy and Uzuki have been given special CGs that tie closely to the Saury Theme.
  3. Saury Festival Voice Lines have been implemented!
  4. Autumn Casual Clothes CG implemented
  5. Mitsukoshi Shopping CG Implemented for Kashima
  6. Naval Review CG Implemented for Uranami
  7. Naval District Saury Festival Tips
    • Most tips please refer to the Naval District Saury Festival link for more details on how you can collect fish, do quests and cook fish.
  8. Jukebox Update
    • Jukebox now has "Naval District Saury Festival Kai" and "Kanmusu Ondo"
  9. Anchorage Bar Counter has been updated to feature Saury Themes
  10. New Music in fishing ground!
    • "Naval District Saury Festival Kai 2" will play in all fishing grounds!
  11. Destroyer Escorts will now drop for a limited time on various maps!
    • Shimushu. Kunashiri, Etorofu, and Matsuwa can be obtained in various locations.
    • They will drop in different locations
    • Admirals who do not own specific Destroyer Escorts will have a higher drop rate for them.
    • Matsuwa can be found on 1-5 for Admirals who don't own her.
  12. Destroyer Escort can now be used to improve other stats in Modernization!
    • By using Destroyer Escorts as Modernization material, you can improve various stats such as Luck and ASW
    • By combining a certain set of Destroyer Escorts, you even permanently improve Max HP stats
    • Note that the Destroyer Escort modernization is currently in it's experimental stage and may be subjected to change.
  13. Bot Tracking has been improved
  14. Planned Saury Festival is set to last over 2 weeks.