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Game Updates/2017/September 12th

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August 10th, 2017 September 12th, 2017 September 29th, 2017

September 12th, 2017 Update

  1. End of Summer 2017 Event.
  2. Summer Voice Lines and Swimsuit CGs have been removed from the game.
    • Naganami's Fried Rice CG has also been removed from the game.
  3. Zuiun Festival CGs have been removed from the game.
  4. Yukata CGs have been added to the game, including CGs for Libeccio and Kamoi.
  5. Isokaze has received her Saury CG a little earlier this year.
  6. Autumn voice lines have been added to the game, including new voice lines for Asakaze, Matsukaze, Hatakaze, Amagiri, Sagiri, Ark Royal, and Richelieu.
  7. New/Returning furniture:
    • 鎮守府秋祭りの屋台
    • 鎮守府秋祭りの射的
    • 長月の床 new!
    • 秋の床板
    • 紅葉の職人床
    • 中秋の名月敷物
    • 高級木材の壁
    • 秋仕様の壁紙
    • 折鶴の壁紙
    • 紅葉の壁紙
    • 長月の壁紙 new!
    • 赤とんぼの壁紙
    • 「海上護衛」掛け軸
    • 「なのです」掛け軸
    • 「観艦式」掛け軸
    • 「加賀」模型と桐箪笥
    • 温泉檜風呂
    • 富嶽タイル画
    • 緑カーテンの窓
    • 秋の気配な窓
    • 長月の秋窓 new!
    • お月見窓
    • 豪華なお月見窓
    • すすきの窓
    • ドレッサー
    • ハンガーラック
    • メルヘンシェルフ
    • 月夜海(つきよみ)の蓄音機 new!
    • 提督の書斎机
    • 秋刀魚の食卓
  8. Various pieces of furniture have been updated for the new season:
    • 温泉檜風呂
    • 温泉岩風呂
    • 鎮守府カウンターバー
  9. Jukebox has been updated for the new season as well:
    • 「鎮守府の秋祭り」
    • 「秋月の空」
    • 「月夜海」 (New vocal song - short version?)
  10. Updates to Akashi's Improvement Arsenal:
    • 15.2cm Triple Gun Mount can now be improved.
    • F6F-3 and F6F-5 can now be improved as well.
      • F6F-3 was previously already improvable; presumably, this implies that it can now be upgraded to the F6F-5 (and/or its Night Fighter variant).
      • These pieces of equipment may also be upgraded via the new quest 【夜間戦闘機型艦上戦闘機】.
  11. New equipment has been added to the game:
    • 艦上攻撃機「TBF」
    • 夜間作戦型艦上攻撃機「TBM-3D」
    • 航空作戦支援装備/要員「夜間作戦航空要員」
    • 航空作戦支援装備/要員「夜間作戦航空要員+熟練甲板員」
    • The new equipment is obtainable from quests involving the new Mk.II remodel added to the game during this update.
  12. New quests:
    • A80 [Organize the Reinforced "Task Force"] 精強「任務部隊」を編成せよ!
    • C13 [Work on improving the experience of your Transport Unit] 輸送部隊の練度向上に務めよ!
    • F61 [Development of the Carrier-Based Night Fighter] 夜戦型艦上戦闘機の開発
    • F62 [Development of carrier-based night bombers] 夜間作戦型艦上攻撃機の開発
    • F63 [Improve the Performance of the Carrier-Based Night Fighter] 夜戦型艦上戦闘機の性能強化
    • B105 [Reinforced Large Aircraft Carrier, Weigh Anchor!] 精強大型航空母艦、抜錨!
    • B106 [Night Operation Carrier, sortie to the Front Lines!] 夜間作戦空母、前線に出撃せよ!
    • As always, various prerequisite quests may need to be completed before these quests will show up in your quest list.
  13. Saratoga Mk.II has been added to the game.
    • A Blueprint and Prototype Catapult are required for this remodel.
    • She has a further combat sub-remodel, Saratoga Mk.II Mod.2.
      • This remodel does not require a Blueprint.
  14. Kamoi and Saratoga have been added to LSC.
  15. A new Cut-In has been added for Carriers, during day battles: 「戦爆連合」
    • High-end Abyssal Carrier(s) is/are also capable of performing this Cut-In.
  16. A new Cut-In at night has also been added for Carriers, which can be performed with certain equipment set-ups.
      • This mechanic will be updated further in the future.
  17. Amagiri has received a new CG for her first remodel.
  18. The CG for Luigi Torelli's first remodel can now be viewed in the Encyclopaedia.