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Game Updates/2020/November 13th

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November 13th 2020 Yukikaze Kai Ni/Tan Yang update

  1. Resource Hardcap increased
    • Starting as of today, all fuel, ammo, steel and bauxite have had their hardcap increased from 300,000 to 350,000.
  2. Yukikaze Kai Ni / Tan Yang
  3. Max Ship Capacity Increased
    • It is now possible to purchase an additional +10 ship slots (along with +40 equip slots) making your total ship capacity max out at 470 ships.
  4. New BGM
    • "Miracle of Yukikaze" is now available across various maps and on the jukebox.
  5. New Equipment
  6. Development Update
  7. Akashi's Improvement Arsenal
  8. Equipment fit buffs
  9. Ship Stat Buffs
  10. New Quests
    • A total of 7 new quests have been made available which includes the following:
      • Carry out Repair work on the "Destroyer"
      • Step 2: Carry Out Repair Work on the "Destroyer"
      • Miracle Destroyer
      • The Arsenal is fully operational! New Armament Development
      • Miracle Destroyer Yukikaze, sortie once again!
      • The Best! Yukikaze of Kure and Shigure of Sasebo!
      • [Strengthen Fleet Command] Fleet Flagship, Sortie!
  11. Misc. Update
    • Suisei Model 12A, Suisei Model 22 variants and Type 0 Recon SeaPlane Model 11 B have been given graphical updates.
    • Some disturbance in the browser version has been fixed and tweaked.
    • Cypress and Rock Onsen furniture have been updated for the fall season.
  12. CG/voice update
    • Halloween, Yukata, Happi, and Fishing CG have been removed
    • Fall related voice lines have been removed
    • Fall and Winter Casual CG are implemented
    • Fall and Winter Voice lines implemented