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Game Updates/2017/April 5th

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March 17th, 2017 April 5th, 2017 April 23th, 2017

Suzuya Update.png

April 5th, 2017 Suzuya Kai Ni Update

  1. Spring Voices have been added
    1. 20 new voices have been given to kanmusu in addition to all previous voices
  2. New voices include:
    1. Harukaze, Hatsukaze, Maikaze, Amatsukaze, Yuubari, Pola, and Kaga
    2. Akebono and Oboro will also get new spring night battle voices
  3. Maximum ship slots have been increased from 320 to 330
    1. You'll get 40 equipment slots with the increase
  4. Suzuya Kai Ni has been implemented
    1. Suzuya can now be upgraded into the Improved Mogami-class CAV
    2. Blueprint is needed
    3. She will have new voices after the remodel
    4. Some new voices are added to kai
  5. New equipment 'Kyoufuu Kai' has been added (Kawanashi N1K)
    1. Can be obtained from a new quest related to Suzuya K2
    2. Can be obtained from equipment upgrade
  6. Implementation of Type Zero Model 63 Fighter Bomber
    1. Can be obtained from a new quest
    2. Can be obtained from equipment upgrade
  7. Implementation of 8cm High Angle Cannon + Machine Gun
    1. Can be obtained from a new quest
    2. Can be obtained from equipment upgrade
  8. 8cm High Angle Cannon has been improved
    1. It can now be equipped in expansion slots of the following ships:
      1. Agano-class
      2. Improved Mogami-class Ships (Kai Ship and Suzuya Kai Ni)
      3. Training Cruiser
      4. Repair Ship
      5. Submarine Tender
  9. New equipment added to Akashi's Arsenal
    1. Kyoufuu Kai
    2. Type 0 Model 63 Fighter Bomber
    3. 8cm High Angle Cannon + Machine Guns
  10. New Furniture
    1. Pink Wallpaper (New)
    2. Uzuki Floor
    3. Uzuki Window
    4. Uzuki Wallpaper
    5. Uzuki Scroll
    6. Uzuki Desk
    7. Japanese-style Cherry Blossom Arrangement (New)
  11. New Quests
    1. C12 [Large Scale Spring Exercise]
    2. B95 [Remodeled aviation cruiser, head out!]
    3. B96 [Deploy the remodeled light attack carrier to the front!]
    4. B97 [Vigilantly patrol the sea area near the naval base!]
    5. Bq2 [Ranking Points Boost Mission! "Operation Z", First Part] (quaterly canon)
  12. New ship icons for the fleet preset screen
    1. Yamato-class
    2. Ooyodo-class
    3. Agano-class
  13. Land Base UI has been improved
    1. Several parts of the Land-based Air Groups UI. Furthermore, the UI properly displays equipment improvement levels of aircraft.
  14. Other UI improvements
    1. Seaplane fighters and bombers have new equipment dex icons
    2. Type 99 Bomber has a new sprite
    3. UI on remodel screen has been updated
  15. Implementation of new Attack Light Carrier
    1. Remodeled from Suzuya Kai Ni
    2. Unlike like most light carriers, Suzuya is unique in that her priority of attack differs which includes the following:
      1. She is considered a Fast speed
      2. Without any enemy surface ships present, she will attack subs like normal light carriers
      3. With enemy surface ships present, she will attack them like normal carriers
  16. Suzuya Kai Ni can be converted to a CVL
    1. Requires a blueprint, flamethrowers and dev mats to convert to CVL form
    2. She can be turned back into a CAV
    3. Blueprints not necessary to convert back
    4. Every time you choose to convert her to a CVL a Blueprint is required