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Game Updates/2017/March 17th

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March 4th, 2017 March 17th, 2017 April 5th, 2017


March 17th, 2017 Spring Seaplane Fighter Update

  1. Preset Slot Expansion
    • The Fleet Preset system from which you can easily save and deploy your fleet compositions has had its maximum slots increased to 10.
  2. Preset Slot Expansion UI Change
    • The Save and Delete button have been placed further apart. Also, the Delete button has been removed from the options when choosing to deploy (展開) a fleet.
  3. Mizuho Available Via LSC
    • Seaplane Tender Mizuho is now available via LSC. She can be obtained using recipes for CVs.
  4. New Quests
    • Four new Quests have been implemented:
      • B93 [Defeat the Enemy Fleet at the Nansei Islands!]
      • B94 [Expand the Offshore Aviation Forces!]
      • F51 [Organize the New Elite Seaplane Group]
      • F52 [Expand the New Elite Seaplane Group]
      • All quests require certain pre-requisite quests to be completed in order to be triggered
  5. The Type 96 Land Attacker is now craftable via Development.
    • Requires a CV flagship and certain recipe(s). (Details TBC)
  6. The craft rate for the 12.7cm Twin High-angle Mount has been increased
  7. Akashi's Improvement Arsenal Updates
  8. Italian Seaplane Sprite
    • Italian Seaplanes will have their own unique sprites during the Aerial Battle phase.
  9. Seaplane Fighter Icon
    • Seaplane Fighters now have their own unique icon that is different from the standard icon for recon seaplanes and seaplane bombers.
  10. Light Cruiser Stat Boosts
  11. White Day / Hinamatsuri Content Ends
    • Content related to White Day & Hinamatsuri has been removed. Hinamatsuri seasonal CGs will all be available in the Library.
    • The Cookie for Kanmusu item is no longer on sale.
  12. Furniture Store Update
    • The Furniture Store now includes the following seasonal Furniture:
      • Cherry Blossom Floor
      • Spring Floor
      • Spring Specification Wallpaper
      • Battleship Movie Poster
      • Admiral's Mahjong Table (which is in Spring Mode)
  13. Seasonal Update For Furniture
    • Admirals's Mahjong Desk, Hot Cypress Bat, Spring Rock Bath have been changed to display Spring content.
    • In addition, the Naval Base Bar Counter has returned to normal mode (with some slight changes as part of the latest collaboration)
  14. Updated Graphics / CGs
  15. Expedition Confirmation Screen UI
    • The level of each ship in an expedition fleet is now displayed prior to deployment.
    • Icons for Drum Canisters are now displayed next to each ship, based on the number of drums equipped (up until a certain value).
      • A maximum of 3 drums can be displayed using the new GUI. Even if more than 3 drums are equipped on a ship, only 3 drums will be visible.
    • Icons are also displayed for certain equipment and special firearms, such as Daihatsu and Ka-Mi Tanks (again, up until a certain value). The same icon is used across all variables of the Daihatsu (including the Ka-Mi Tank).
      • A maximum of 2 Daihatsu can be displayed using the new GUI. Even if more than 2 Daihatsu are equipped on a ship, only 2 Daihatsu will be visible.
    • Some other graphical changes / updates have been applied to the expedition menu as well.
      • E.g. The sortie button has been changed for expedition deployments.
  16. Changes to Sortie Option UI
    • The level of each ship in a fleet is now displayed prior to sortieing.
    • Additional information (e.g. when a fleet cannot be sortied or sent for an expedition) will now be displayed in a balloon instead.
    • Sortieing with LBAS (where applicable) will now have an additional confirmation option, and the LBAS will also be displayed on the same screen prior to sortie.
  17. Daytime Battle Firepower Cap Increased
    • The maximum daytime battle firepower cap has been increased to about 20% more than the previous firepower cap.
  18. Haruna Shopping Mode CG
    • Haruna has a limited time shopping mode CG related to the Mitsukoshi Collaboration. To all the admirals out there, we hope you enjoy shopping!