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Game Updates/2022/April 23rd

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April 1st, 2022 April 23rd, 2022 May 13th, 2022

April 23rd, 2022 9th Anniversary Update

Notice: The following update is a live update and the content from this update was not given proper patch notes as such the following is a summary of what is known from observation from the update

  1. CG Update
  2. Voice Line Update
    • Over 70+ Voice lines have been implemented in relation to the 9th Anniversary
  3. Furniture Update
    • The Following new furniture has been introdued:
      • 九周年記念」掛け軸 (9th Anniversary Hanging Scroll)
      • 祝九周年バルーン飾り (9th Anniversary Balloon Decoration)
  4. New Quests
    • The following limited time quests have been implemented:
      • 【限定任務】艦隊九周年、抜錨せよ! ([Limited Time Quest] Weigh Anchor for the 9th Anniversary!)
      • 限定任務】艦隊九周年、拡張作戦 ([Limited Time Quest] 9th Anniversary Fleet, Expansion Operation!)
  5. 9th Anniversary Log in Rewards
    • For a limited time, logging into the game will gift players with a free present box and 10+ Equipment slots