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Game Updates/2022/April 1st

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February 22nd, 2022 April 1st, 2022 April 23rd, 2022

  • Winter 2022 Event is now ended.
  • 2022 Hinamatsuri is now ended, all Hishimochi limited quests are now removed, and all Hishimochis gained will be removed next update if not consumed.

  • 2 new quests were introduce :
    • B179 [DesDiv 16, Remodeled "Uranami Kai Ni" Sortie!] - 第十六戦隊、改装「浦波改二」出撃します!
    • F107 [Deployment of a new Guided Missile equipped Assault Plane] - 「無線誘導弾」装備新型襲撃機の実戦配備

  • 3 new furniture were introduced :
    • 春の花壁紙 Spring flower wallpaper
    • 桜カーペット Sakura carpet
    • ハーブティーと花の窓 Herbal tea and flower window
  • New CGs : Uzuki, Kaiboukan No.4, Kaiboukan No.30, Yashiro, Yamashio Maru, Chougei.
  • New voice lines : USS Scamp, I-203, Momo, Ume, Yamashio Maru, Chougei, Uzuki.
  • UI update
    • It is now possible to view long names of ship and equipment in select menus,
    • Stars are visible for equipment in RE.
  • Max homeport size increase from 520 to 530.
  • Max fleet preset increase from 18 to 19.