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Game Updates/2023/November 2nd

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October 31st, 2023 November 2nd, 2023 November 28th, 2023

Naval District Saury Festival 2023 Update

Pumpkin Festival has come to an end.
Naval District Saury FestivalFrontpage Banner Saury Placeholder.png

Development material Equipment

Improvement material Akashi Arsenal Updates

  • Item Icon Headquarters Personnel.png Quests Updates:
    • Saury Festival Limited Time Quests:
      • Sortie Quest 2311 B1 One-Time Quest Saury fishing: Saury Festival, Main Force Of Main Force, Here We Go! - 秋刀魚漁:秋刀魚祭り、主力オブ主力、いきますね!
      • Sortie Quest 2311 B2 One-Time Quest Saury fishing: Let's Draw Big Catch Flag! - 秋刀魚漁:さらさらさら~大漁旗、描き始めるぜ~!
      • Sortie Quest 2311 B3 One-Time Quest Saury Fishing: Oh, Is It A Big Catch Again This Year? Nice To Meet You. - 秋刀魚漁:あら、今年も大漁ですか?よろしくてよ。
      • Sortie Quest 2311 B4 One-Time Quest [Naval Base Saury Festival] Full-Scale Operation Preparations! - 【鎮守府秋刀魚祭り】本格作戦準備!
      • Sortie Quest 2311 B5 One-Time Quest [Naval Base Saury Festival] Northern Fishing Grounds Defense Strategy! - 【鎮守府秋刀魚祭り】北方漁場防衛作戦!
      • PVP Quest 2311 C1 One-Time Quest [Naval Base Saury Festival] Saury Fishing Exercises! - 【鎮守府秋刀魚祭り】秋刀魚塩焼き演習
      • Factory Quest 2311 F1 One-Time Quest Saury Festival [Extra Operation] The Most Elite Hiryuu Squadron! - 秋刀魚祭り【拡張任務】最精鋭「飛龍」飛行戦隊!

💧 Limited Drop

Furniture Coin Furniture Update
  • New furniture:
    • Naval Base Sweet Potato Association - 鎮守府お芋の会
  • Updated:
    • Naval Base Counter Bar
    • Hot Springs Rock Bath
    • Hot Springs Cypress Bath
    • Chabudai Set

♫ BGM Update
  • Available in jukebox and some maps:
    • Naval Base Saury Festival Kai
    • Naval Base Saury Festival kai san
    • Akigumo's Sketch


Max ship slot raised to 600.

🐞Bug fix

🎣 Seasonal update
Saury, It's time to fish 🎣