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Game Updates/2023/January 20th

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January 7th, 2023 January 20th, 2023 January 31st, 2023

Setsubun Update

The Item Icon Xmas Select Gift Box.png "Xmas Select Gift Box" has been removed if not already consumed.
New Year quests have come to an end.
Frontpage Banner Setsubun.png
Item Card Setsubun Beans.png
Setsubun Beans

  • Item Icon Headquarters Personnel.png Quests Updates:
    • New Setsubun limited-time quests:
      • Quest pvp.png 2301 C1 Quest daily.png Setsubun Exercises! 2023 - 節分演習!二〇二三
      • Quest sortie.png 2301 B5 Quest wekly.png Setsubun Operation 2023 - 節分作戦二〇二三
      • Quest sortie.png 2301 B6 Quest wekly.png Setsubun Operation 2023 in Southwestern Area - 南西海域節分作戦二〇二三
      • Quest sortie.png 2301 B7 Quest monthly.png Setsubun Operation 2023, All-out Sortie! -【節分拡張任務】節分作戦二〇二三、全力出撃!
      • Quest expedition.png 2301 D1 Quest once.png Setsubun Expedition Quest in Reiwa 5th Year - 令和五年節分遠征任務
    • New Quest:
      • Quest factory.png F114 Quest Yearly 1.png Improved 3-Seat Reconnaissance Seaplane - 改良三座水上偵察機の増備

Off Java Island "Battle of Surabaya and Battle of Batavia"
Off Java Island "Battle of Surabaya and Battle of Batavia"

  • World 7 Icon.png
    New map: 7-5 [Off Java Island "Battle of Surabaya and Battle of Batavia"] - ジャワ島沖「スラバヤ沖海戦・バタビア沖海戦」

  • Furniture Coin Furniture update:
    • Setsubun panel floor - 節分パネル式床
    • Ranger private canteen - Rangerの単艦個人酒保

  • ♫ BGM update:
    • Setsubun at Naval Base ♪ -「節分の鎮守府」
    • Shipgirls Making Sweets ♪ -「艦娘のお菓子作り」

  • Misc:
    • Max ship slots increased to 570.