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Game Updates/2024/June 27th

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2024 May 31st 2024 June 27th 2024 June 30th

Hatsuzuki Kai Ni Update

Item Card Teru Teru Bouzu.png Teru Teru Bouzu can now be exchanged for rewards
Cost Reward Note
Item Icon Teru Teru Bouzu.png12
Item Icon Sea-colored Ribbon.png
Sea-colored Ribbon
Limited to 2
Item Icon Teru Teru Bouzu.png20
Equipment Card Fleet Communication Antenna.png
Fleet Communication Antenna
Limited to 1
Item Icon Teru Teru Bouzu.png11
Equipment Card Communication Equipment & Personnel.png
Communication Equipment & Personnel
Furniture Reward 628.png
Limited to 1
Item Icon Teru Teru Bouzu.png1
Item Icon Instant Repair Material.png
Instant Repair Material
Item Icon Improvement Material.png
Improvement Material
Limited to 8

Blueprint New Remodel
  • Ship Banner Hatsuzuki Kai Ni.png
    Hatsuzuki Kai Ni has been introduced.
    • This costs a Blueprint and a Action Report and 2 Item Icon New Model Armament Material.png and 30 Development material,
    • She has a 4th slot (with limited equipability),
    • She can equip the RADAR Radar MastRadar Equipment Mast (Type 13 Kai + Type 22 Radar Kai 4) in the RE.

Development material Equipment

Improvement material Akashi Arsenal Updates

Item Icon Headquarters Personnel.png Quests Updates
  • Removed quests: 2404 B4, 2405 B1, 2404 F2, 2405 B2, 2405 B3, 2405 B4, 2405 B5, 2405 C1
  • New Quest:
    • Sortie Quest B201 One-Time Quest Guard The Nearby Waters And Nansei Islands With Patrol Unit! - 哨戒部隊で近海及び南西諸島を警戒せよ!
    • Sortie Quest B202 One-Time Quest Air Defense Surface Ships, Sortie! - 防空水上艦、出撃せよッ!
    • Sortie Quest B203 One-Time Quest Air Defense Destroyer "Hatsuzuki Kai Ni", Let's Go! - 防空駆逐艦「初月改二」、推して参る!
    • PVP Quest Cy13 Yearly June QuestJune Carry Out A Surface Ship "Fleet Air Defense Exercise"! - 水上艦「艦隊防空演習」を実施せよ!
    • Factory Quest F124 One-Time Quest [Strengthening Fleet Communications Capabilities] Communications Personnel Training - 【艦隊通信能力の強化】通信要員の育成
    • Factory Quest Fy11 Yearly June QuestJune [Mass Production Of Anti-Aircraft Equipment] Additional Deployment Of Type 94 AAFD - 【高射装置量産】94式高射装置の追加配備

💧 Limited Drop

⚙ Mechanics Update
  • New AACI 48 has been added for the Akizuki-class, using the new gun.
  • The new Command Facility "Communication" equipment can be used to increase significantly the trigger rate of the Support Expedition.
    • It must be equipped on the first or the second ship of the support fleet,
    • Having both does increase further the trigger rate,
    • However the Communication Equipment & Personnel alone have only a small effect.
      • The source of this information is the devs and is to be taken with a pinch of salt.

🐞Bug (fixes)


Max ship slot raised to 630.

Furniture Coin Furniture update
  • New furniture:
    • Sunlight blinds- 木漏れ日のすだれ
    • Hatsuzuki's personal belongings shelf- 初月の私物棚
    • Hatsuzuki's rear paulownia chest of drawers- 初月のしんがり桐箪笥

♫ BGM on some normal maps updated
  • "Shiratsuyu at the End of the Rainy Season" - 「梅雨明けの白露」

☀ Seasonal update Summer 2024

Dev Tweets

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