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Game Updates/2017/July 14th

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June 23rd, 2017 July 14th, 2017 July 31st, 2017

  1. The Rainy Season has come to an end. Rainy Season CGs and voice lines have been removed from the game.
    • The new CGs from this season for Fusou, Sazanami, and Kamoi have been added to the in-game library / encyclopaedia.
  2. The maximum possible number of slots for ships has been increased by 10 to a total of 340, and the maximum possible number of slots for equipment has been increased by 40.
  3. Swimsuit CGs (and related voice lines for summer) from previous years have been added back into the game:
  4. Akashi has also received a new CG as part of the ongoing Zuiun Festival event (「Tekkotsubanchou」mode).
  5. Some Yukata CGs have also been added back into the game:
    • These include CGs for Mutsu, Jintsuu Kai Ni, and Akizuki.
    • More Yukata-related CGs (and presumably voice lines) will be added during the next maintenance.
  6. Commandant Teste has received a new seasonal CG for summer.
  7. Hayasui has received a new "Zuiun mode" CG as part of the ongoing Zuiun Festival event.
  8. Updates to the Furniture Store:
    • 夏先取りセット
    • Summer Craftsman Wooden Wall new!
    • 鬼灯の花の窓
    • 艦娘が育てる朝顔の鉢
    • 職人和飾棚
    • 水風呂
    • 富嶽タイル画
    • 蚊取り線香の窓
    • 提督文机
    • 木板の壁
    • 木製の涼しげな壁
    • 床半分の簡易畳
    • 青と白の床
    • 砂浜の床
    • Arrow Feather Wall new!
    • 青と白の壁
    • 青と白のブラインド窓
    • 波打ち際の砂浜床
    • 西瓜割りセット
    • ビニールプール
    • リゾートセット
    • リゾートハンモック
    • 花火の窓
    • Luxery Gold Fish Wall new!
    • The graphics for both pieces of onsen furniture have been updated for the new season as well.
  9. The Anchorage Counter Bar has been updated for the new season.
    • A new category of food/drinks has been added as well (【Japan Rations】).
  10. Updates to the Jukebox:
    • 「浜辺の艦娘」
    • 「水着の出撃」
    • 「艦娘音頭」
  11. Stats Adjustments for Sendai Kai Ni and Jintsuu Kai Ni
  12. New Voice Lines for Jintsuu Kai Ni:
    • Jintsuu Kai Ni has received hourly voice lines, as well as some new voice lines that will play after her second remodel.
  13. New Quests - 5 new quests have been added:
    • D24 [Perform Strict Surveillance of the Maritime Trade Route!] 海上通商航路の警戒を厳とせよ!
    • F59 [Continue Cooperation of the Consumer Industry] 民生産業への協力を継続せよ!
    • F60 [Prototype of New Combat Ration] 新型戦闘糧食の試作
    • Bq3 [Enforced Transport Fleet, Weigh Anchor!] 強行輸送艦隊、抜錨!
    • Bq4 [Carry out Air Reconnaissance in the Front Lines!] 前線の航空偵察を実施せよ!
    • Various prerequisite quests may need to be completed before the above quests will show up in your quest list.
  14. The effectiveness of Battle Rations and Canned Saury has been increased.
    • Battle Rations can be earned via some of the new quests listed above.
    • It is also apparently "more delicious" to eat rations together with canned food; what this implies in terms of in-game mechanics (if anything at all) is unclear at this point in time.
  15. Updates to Akashi's Improvement Arsenal:
  16. New Equipment: Battle Ration (Special Onigiri)
    • These can be earned via some of the new quests listed above.
    • These can also be used in conjunction with Canned Saury; again, whether or not this implies any kind of synergy bonus is unclear.
  17. Updates to existing CGs / Graphical Assets and Voice Lines: