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Game Updates/2017/July 31st

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July 14th, 2017 July 31st, 2017 August 10th, 2017

  1. End of the Zuiun Festival
    • A free Furniture Fairy will be provided to all players in commemoration of this event.
  2. Fusou and Yamashiro have received "Zuiun Mode" CGs.
  3. Updates to Naka K2:
    • Naka K2 has received new hourly voice lines, as well as certain new voice lines that will play after her second remodel.
    • Naka K2's maximum ASW and AA stats have also been increased.
  4. Furutaka, Fujinami, Asashimo, Ayanami, and Shikinami have received Yukata CGs.
    • Fujinami's summer voice line(s) have also been altered slightly.
  5. Naganami has received a "Fried Rice Mode" CG.
  6. Mogami, Mikuma, and Umikaze have received "Swimsuit Mode" CGs.
    • Umikaze has also received new Summer voice lines.
    • Mogami and Mikuma's CGs are part of an upcoming collaboration with a department store that begins the day after tomorrow.
  7. Bugfixes for improvements made to the Type 0 Fighter Model 63 (Fighter-bomber).
  8. Updates to the Furniture Store:
    • 艦隊氷旗
    • 業務用かき氷器
    • 鎮守府浜茶屋
    • 浜茶屋の窓
    • 浜茶屋の床
    • 浜茶屋の仮設壁板
    • 文月の壁紙 new!
    • 文月の窓 new!
    • 鎮守府風鈴
    • 鎮守府夏時間の窓 (※昨年夏イベント2016:海域突破褒章家具)
      • (Previously available from the Summer 2016 Event)
    • 「日向」の掛け軸 new! (※鎮守府「瑞雲」祭り記念高級家具)
      • (In commemoration of the Zuiun Festival)
    • 「伊勢」の掛け軸 new! (※同上)
      • (Also in commemoration of the Zuiun Festival)
  9. Updates to Summer Voice Lines:
    • A number of ships have received updates to their summer voice lines.
  10. New Quests: A total of 2 new quests have been added.
    • A79 [Reorganize the Elite 22th Destroyer Squadron!] 精鋭「第二二駆逐隊」を再編成せよ!
    • B104 [Elite 22nd Division, Sortie!] 精鋭「第二二駆逐隊」出撃せよ!
    • Various prerequisite quests may need to be completed before the above quests will show up in your quest list.
  11. The seasonal PvP quest 「春季大演習」 has ended (i.e. it has been removed from the game, unless you already completed it).
  12. Fumizuki has received a second remodel.
    • No Blueprint is required for this remodel.
    • There are also some new voice lines that will play after her second remodel.
  13. Increase in Level Cap:
    • The maximum level of a (married) ship has been raised from 155 to 165.
      • No special items are required for this.
  14. Other various backend preparations for the upcoming Summer Event next month.