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Game Updates/2017/June 23rd

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June 6th, 2017 June 23rd, 2017 July 14th, 2017

  1. Yura has received a second remodel.
    • This remodel requires a Blueprint.
    • Her second remodel comes with a multi-functional aft slope.
      • So far, it has been confirmed that her second remodel can equip both Daihatsu (plus variants), as well as the Type A Ko-hyoteki to enable Opening Torpedoes.
    • Her second remodel also allows her to operate a larger variety of seaplanes, although the number of planes that can be equipped is still relatively small.
    • Finally, her second remodel also comes with some new voice lines.
      • This includes new hourly voice lines, available after her second remodel.
      • Separately, Yura has also received an update to her Marriage voice lines, for both during as well as after (in the main menu, as your secretary ship) the Marriage sequence.
  2. A new Fit Gun bonus for Small Calibre Single High-Angle Gun Mounts has been added to the game.
    • New Fit Gun bonuses for the Mutsuki-class DDs, Kamikaze-class DDs, and Yura have also been added to the game.
      • The specific Fit Gun bonuses vary according to ship type.
  3. The Fit Gun bonus for the 15.2cm Twin Gun Mount for CLs has been strengthened.
  4. The Fit Gun bonus for the 15.5cm Triple Gun Mount (Main) for some CLs and CAs has also been strengthened.
    • Again, the specific Fit Gun bonuses vary according to ship type.
  5. The 15.5cm Triple Gun Mount (Secondary) can now be used in conjunction with a Main Gun to enable more accurate attacks when both are equipped on a Yamato-class BB.
    • The effectiveness of this accuracy bonus is dependent upon the type of Main Gun equipped.
  6. Addition of 15.5cm Triple Gun Mount Kai (Main) and 15.5cm Triple Gun Mount Kai (Secondary) to the game.
    • These pieces of equipment can be acquired via Akashi's Improvement Arsenal.
    • In order to upgrade their base forms into these improved pieces of equipment, the "New Type Artillery Armament Materials" item (新型砲熕兵装資材) is necessary.
      • New quests that have been added as of this update will reward the "New Type Artillery Armament Materials" item upon completion.
    • Both pieces of equipment can also be further improved after they have been upgraded from their base forms.
    • Furthermore, at the maximum possible improvement level (10 Stars / Max), it is also possible to convert each gun from one form to another (Main to Secondary, as well as vice versa).
      • Please note that the improvement level will decrease slightly each time this conversion is performed.
  7. New Equipment:
  8. Updates to Akashi's Improvement Arsenal - the following equipment is now improvable:
  9. New Quests - a total of 7 new quests have been added:
    • A77 [Reorganize the Elite "Fourth Carrier Division"!]
    • A78 [Organize the New 4th Torpedo Squadron!]
    • B102 [Elite "Fourth Carrier Division", Weigh Anchor!]
    • B103 [Flagship Yura, Weigh Anchor!]
    • F56 [Utilizing Radar Technology for Shooting Equipment]
    • F57 [Cooperation of the Consumer Industry]
    • F58 [Organize the Elite "Zuiun" Group]
    • Various prerequisite quests may need to be completed before the above quests will show up in your quest list.
    • It is possible to obtain Medals by completing some of these new quests.
    • It is also possible to obtain a Furniture Fairy / Furniture Fairies by completing some of these new quests.
  10. Bugfixes:
    • Fixed an issue with the Zuiun furniture's dance gimmick.
    • Fixed an error / errors in the display for the Equipment List.
  11. Sendai has received hourly voice lines, as well as some new voice lines that will play after her second remodel.
  12. Stat Adjustments for Kinu, Ise, and Hyuuga
    • Kinu K2 has received a slight boost to her Torpedo and ASW stats.
    • Ise Kai and Hyuuga Kai have received a slight boost to their maximum Firepower stats.
  13. New furniture:
    • 【"Zuiun Spirit" Hanging Scroll】
      • This piece of furniture requires a Furniture Fairy in order to be obtained. One can be acquired by completing some of the new quests listed above.
  14. New (temporary) CGs for Ise Kai and Hyuuga Kai.
    • Both ships have received CGs to commemorate the recently-held Zuiun Festival.