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Type 0 Reconnaissance Seaplane

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Type 0 Reconnaissance Seaplane

No.25 零式水上偵察機

Seaplane Recon Seaplane

Effects: Dive Bomber Attack+1 Anti-Air+1 Accuracy+1 Anti-Submarine+2 View Range+5

Combat Radius: 7

Scrap Value: Fuel1 Ammunition1 Bauxite2

Equipment Card Type 0 Reconnaissance Seaplane.png

Equipment Character Type 0 Reconnaissance Seaplane.png

Equipment Item Type 0 Reconnaissance Seaplane.png

Equipment Full Type 0 Reconnaissance Seaplane.png

Refittable Class
Coastal Defense ShipDestroyer
Light CruiserTorpedo Cruiser
Heavy CruiserAviation Cruiser
BattleshipAviation Battleship
Fast BattleshipLight Carrier
Standard CarrierArmored Carrier
Seaplane TenderSubmarine Tender
SubmarineSubmarine Carrier
Repair ShipTraining Cruiser
Fleet OilerAmphibious Assault Ship


戦艦や巡洋艦、水上機母艦などに搭載され、索敵任務担当として 艦隊の「目」の役目を務めます。

The standard naval reconnaissance aircraft, also known as the "Reimitei".
Carried by battleships, cruisers, and seaplane tenders, it served as the "Eye" of the fleet, operating recon missions.
Scouting is important!
Please operate it on your flagships!


Not to be confused with Type 0 Observation Seaplane.

Updates History

  • 2013-04-23: Implemented with initial game release
  • 2013-11-01: Stats increased: Anti-Submarine Warfare+1 → Anti-Submarine Warfare+2
  • 2015-11-18: Proficiency gain updated to be possible like other planes
  • 2016-03-11: Became improvable and upgradeable to Type 2 Seaplane Fighter KaiType 2 Seaplane Fighter Kai

Fit Bonuses

Ship Extra Requirement Firepower Torpedo Attack Anti-Air Anti-Submarine Warfare Line of Sight Armor Evasion Note
Agano-class Kai NiNoshiro Kai Ni
Yahagi Kai Ni
Yahagi Kai Ni B
+2 +3 +1 Non-stackable between any Recon Seaplanes
Mogami Kai Ni (Toku)Mogami Kai Ni
Mogami Kai Ni Toku

Akashi's Improvement Arsenal

Type Name Resource Day 2nd Ship Note
Fuel Ammunition Steel Bauxite Item Icon Development Material.png Item Icon Improvement Material.png # of equipment needed for that upgrade. An asterisk following the number indicates a different equipment is required. Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
Seaplane Type 0 Reconnaissance Seaplane 0 90 20 0 300 4/6 2/3 1xSeaplane.png A
Akitsushima Kai
Chitose A
Chiyoda A
Only Chitose A and Chiyoda A can upgrade this equipment, other remodels cannot.
Upgrades to Type 2 Seaplane Fighter Kai.
6 5/8 3/5 2xSeaplane.png
10 9/15 5/10 3xGreenPlane.png


The E13A Type Zero Reconnaissance Seaplanes were designed in 1937, though they did not enter production until 1940. However, they were the standard seaplanes of the Japanese Navy by the opening of the Pacific War in 1941. They operated as spotters from cruisers, reconnaissance aircraft from carriers and land bases, and personnel transports. At times, they also performed coastal patrol and search and rescue duties. These aircraft were designed by Aichi Kokuki KK, but the majority of the 1,418 E13A aircraft built were built by Kyushu Hikoki KK (1,237 units). At the very end of the war, some of these aircraft were used in special attack (Kamikaze) missions.

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