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Game Updates/2017/June 6th

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May 29th, 2017 June 6th, 2017 June 23rd, 2017

  1. Addition of Rainy Season Voice Lines
  2. Kumano has received a second remodel.
    • This remodel requires a Blueprint.
    • Some new voice lines have also been added for this remodel.
    • Additionally, Kumano's second remodel can also be further remodelled into an Attack Light Carrier.
      • As with Suzuya's Attack Light Carrier remodel, this requires the use of yet another Blueprint and Instant Build ("blowtorch") items.
      • Similarly, this remodel is also reversible.
  3. New Quests
    • A total of 7 new quests have been added, including:
      • A76 [Organize the new "Seventh Squadron"!] 新編「第七戦隊」を編成せよ!
      • D23 [To all Surface Escort Fleets, commence the expeditions!] 海上護衛総隊、遠征開始!
      • B100 [To all Surface Escort Fleet reinforcements, sally forth!] 増強海上護衛総隊、抜錨せよ!
      • F53 [Begin Strengthening the New Type Gun Armament!] 新型砲墳兵装、戦力化開始!
    • As always, certain prerequisites may need to be fulfilled before these quests appear in the quest list.
  4. Updates to Akashi's Improvement Arsenal
    • Kumano K2 and Kumano Kou K2 can assist with improving certain equipment.
  5. Addition of New Item: 新型砲熕兵装資材 (New Type Artillery Armament Materials)
  6. New & Returning Furniture:
    • 鮎の季節の壁紙
    • 紫陽花の床
    • 紫陽花の壁紙
    • 「空飛ぶ二航戦」掛け軸 new!
    • 紫陽花の窓
    • 紫陽花鉢の提督机
    • 「瑞雲」の桐箪笥
  7. Updates to the Jukebox
    • New BGMs have been added to the Jukebox:
      • 「雨とお酒と艦娘」
      • 「雨音の鎮守府」
  8. Updates to the UI:
    • When forming a fleet in the submenu, the list of shipgirls will now display a summary of their damage state and sparkle state (where applicable).
    • The display has also been updated such that ships' levels in the list will be distinguishable by colour. Different level ranges correspond to different colours.
    • The size of the fleet number (#1/2/3/4) displayed in the list of shipgirls has been reduced.
    • The fleet number will now also be displayed in the equipment menu when moving equipment from a one ship to another.
    • Under the equipment menu, a total of 4 new categories has been added for equipment such as Radars and Transport Equipment. The 4 new categories are as follows:
    • Various other minor updates:
      • The "Begin Exercise" button under the Exercises / PvP Menu has been updated.
      • The icons for "Items" as well as "Purchased Items" under the Inventory menu have been updated.
      • Optimised the size of the icon displayed for Secondary Guns.
      • Other miscellaneous updates to the display / GUI.
      • Where the rewards for a quest are selectable (i.e. choose 1 out of 2 or 3 possible rewards), you can now confirm your selection using the button labelled 「選択確認」.
        • (Previously, clicking on an item would automatically select it as your chosen reward.)
  9. Rainy Season CGs and other updates:
    • All previous Rainy Season CGs have been added back into the game.
    • Shiratsuyu, Fusou, Sazanami, and Kamoi have also received new CGs for this season.
    • New voice lines for Yamato have been added as well, related to what appears to be Hyuuga busily preparing for something.
  10. Post-Patch Issues:
    • Shiratsuyu's new CG is displayed incorrectly.
    • The new item 「新型砲熕兵装資材」 (New Type Artillery Armament Materials) is listed incorrectly as 「新型砲墳兵装資材」 (radical for earth instead of fire).
    • Both of the above are currently being fixed.