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Game Updates/2018/October 10th

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September 8th, 2018 October 10th, 2018 October 26th, 2018

10 October 2018 Early Fall Event closing update / Saury Fishing mini-event implementation update

  1. Early Fall 2018 Event, "Weigh anchor! Combined Fleet, sortie to the west!", has come to an end. Thank you all for your participation.
  2. Memory management improved to mitigate or prevent memory leaks and crashes
  3. Maximum port and equipment slots increased
    • The maximum number of shipgirl slots has been increased by ten, from 380 to 390.
    • The maximum number of equipment slots has been increased by 40.
  4. "Swimsuit Mode" CGs have been deactivated
    • They can be seen in game's Glossary.
  5. "Saury Mode" CGs are now active.
    • Shouhou has received a long overdue seasonal CG for the occasion. Thank you bob-sama!
    • Michishio has received a new seasonal CG for the occasion.
    • Gotland has received a new seasonal CG for the occasion.
    • Okinami, Kishinami and Asashimo received a raise and bought new clothes for the Saury Festival as well. Autumn Casual and Yukata modes are still coming.
    • Fukae and Etorofu have received new seasonal CGs for the occasion.
    • Commandant Teste has also decided to show off her sense of fashion, getting new clothes for the occasion. C'est bon!
    • Japanese girls taught Gambier Bay how to use chopsticks, so she also bought some new clothes to celebrate the Saury Festival.
  6. "Saury Mode" voice lines are now active.
    • 100 returning voice lines.
    • 40 new voice lines.
  7. Saury Fishing mini-event implemented
    • Sortie to various maps, destroy the enemy fleets and secure the area to fish!
    • World 1 and 3 are your main destinations.
    • As usual bringing Skilled Lookouts, Searchlights, Recon Aircraft, Onigiri will increase the drop rates.
    • Overfishing mechanic is here again.
      • Sortieing to one map or world too often will result in drop rate reduction.
      • Consider taking it slowly or switching between maps and world often to mitigate this mechanic.
      • Sonars can be quite effective as well. Devs mention "deeper underwater" search, so maybe submarines will play a role too?
      • Destroyers, Kaiboukans and Light Carriers all have a positive effect on the drop rates.
    • Sauries will disappear with the end of the mini-event so make sure to cook them
      • Sashimi will give resources
      • Salt-broiled Saury will give various materials
      • Grilled dishes will be canned and can be used as Combat Rations
    • Kaiboukans Etorofu, Matsuwa and Fukae will be available as seasonal drops in some of the maps
  8. Quest changes
    • Three new seasonal quests:
      • This Autumn's saury is exciting too, right?
      • I will not yield these precious fishing grounds!
      • They will reward resources, equipment and allow you to choose the 2018 Big Haul Flag furniture.
  9. Furniture updates
    • New fish dish added to the Counterbar
    • Saury Festival themed furniture has been added to the Furniture Shop
    • Three new Saury Festival themed pieces of furniture
      • Saury Wallpaper
      • Saury Floorboard
      • 2018 Big Haul Flag
        • Rewarded by the questline.
  10. Soundtrack changes
    • New BGMs
      • Chinjufu's Saury Festival Kai Ni
      • Chinjufu's Saury Festival Kai San'
    • Return of Kanmusu Ondo
    • Updated the Jukebox track list
    • Fishing areas have also received a BGM update
  11. There's a surprise waiting for the girl who's working really hard at saury cooking now. Look forward to it in the last third of this month!