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Game Updates/2021/March 1st

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2021 February 26th 2021 March 1st 2021 March 30th

Akebono Kai Ni / Hinamatsuri 2021 Update

  1. Akebono Kai Ni
    • No Blueprints or Action reports required
      • Large Voiceline overhaul for her K2 remodel
  2. Valentines update content removed
    • All Valentine's Day Content removed, voice lines and CGs will be reserved in the library
  3. Equipment fit Buffs
  4. Max Capacity Increase
    • Base expansion available to make max ship capacity increase by + 10 and equipment by +40
  5. Voice line update
  6. CG Update
  7. Quests
    • Limited Time Quests:
      • [Hina Matsuri] Ensure safety in spring near the Naval Base
      • [Peach Festival] Spring battle patrol in the waters of the Nansei Islands!
      • [Peach Festival] Spring decisive battle! Hit the enemy task force!
      • [Peach Festival: Extra Operation] Spring Offensive Operation!
      • [Hina Maruri] Hishimochi Repair: 2021
        • All of these quests will reward you with lots of Hishimochi
        • It is possible to exchange these for Hishimohi for resources or for other stuff like Blueprints, Flight Decks, and Jet parts!
    • Permanent Quests
      • Cy4 Elite DesDiv 7 Commence Exercise - 精鋭「第七駆逐隊」演習開始!
      • B165 Elite "Seventh Destroyer", sortie! - 精鋭「第七駆逐隊」、出撃せよ!
      • D39 Acquisition of aircraft technology by establishing contact with the West - 西方連絡作戦による航空技術獲得
  8. Regarding Hishimochi
    • "Hishimochi" can be exchanged for resources by itself, but it is also possible to acquire valuable items utilizing the [Peach Festival Modernization] mission.
  9. Furniture
    • Along with Hina Matsuri Furniture and White Day Furniture, the following new Furniture has been implemented:
      • Hina Matsuri Floor
      • Yuugumo-class Doll with 2 Tier Decoration Stand
      • Etorofu-class Peach Festival Wall Display Shelf
      • Amatsukaze and Admiral's table
  10. Small technical changes
    • Some small graphical changes have been made with missile bombers
    • AB Boats armed onto Shinshuu Maru's Expansion slot can now provide resource bonuses
    • Various furniture have been updated for Hina Matsuri
  11. BGM Update
    • Jukebox and some maps have been updated with Music that centers around the Hinamatsuri themed music
  12. Limited Time Drops
  13. Sortie Combat Mechanics update
    • Sortie cap has been changed:
      • Firepower, Torpedo Power, Night Battle, Anti-Air, ASW, Airstrikes from Bombing planes and Jet have had their cap increased
      • Support Expeditions also had their damage cap increased
  14. Akashi Improvement Arsenal Update

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