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Game Updates/2021/March 30th

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March 30th, 2021 Mogami Kai Ni / Yahagi Kai Ni update

  1. Hinamatsuri and Hishimochi has come to an end
    • All Quests and mochi has been removed with this update
  2. Mogami Kai Ni
    • Mogami has been given new remodels, Kai Ni/Kai Ni Toku, which are interchangeable.
    • Kai Ni allows Mogami to be an efficient Aviation Cruiser.
    • Kai Ni remodel requires 1 Blueprint, 1 Action Report, 2 Aviation Materials, 60 Dev Mats, 2200 Ammo, 1800 Steel.
    • Kai Ni Toku requires 60 Flamethrowers, 45 Dev Mats, 1300 Ammo, 1700 Steel.
    • Kai Ni Toku allows Mogami to take on an anti-installation role and transport role by allowing her to carry Daihatsu while sacrificing her plane capacity.
    • She can also use midget subs to launch opening torpedo strikes.
    • She can also equip large searchlights.
    • Both forms have a benefit when armed with Zuiuns and Kyoufuu Kai.
    • Both forms also get boosted benefits from Type 21 Air Radars and 8cm High Angle Guns
  3. Yahagi Kai Ni
    • Yahagi has been given new remodels, Kai Ni/Kai Ni B, which are interchangeable.
    • Kai Ni remodel needs 1 Blueprint, 1 Action Report, 88 Flamethrowers, 88 Dev Mats, 980 Ammo, 980 Steel.
    • Kai Ni allows Yahagi to carry tanks and most other gear like normal. 4th slot has limitations.
    • Kai Ni B remodel needs 30 Flamethrowers, 45 Dev Mats, 880 Ammo, 480 Steel
    • Kai Ni B allows for Yahagi to carry seaplane fighters, and allows her to equip Midget subs to launch opening torpedo strikes.
  4. Equipment Presets
    • Equipment presets have now been implemented in the game and are currently under a trial run. It may undergo changes in the future.
      • This feature can be accessed in the top right section of the Modernization Menu
      • The first menu is Equipment Recording which allows you to set up equipment in the menu so it can be saved and used at a later point.
      • The 2nd Menu option is Equipment Deployment which allows you to automatically equipped your preset equipment.
      • You have 3 slots available for free
      • You can purchase more slots for a Dock Expansion Key. Each key will give you 2 new equipment slots
      • As of current you can hold up to 9 equipment preset slots.
      • You can organize equipment based on type which is determined by star modifications.
        • Type A will prioritize equipping the ship with equipment with the highest star modifications.
        • Type B will prioritize equipping the ship with equipment with the lowest star modifications.
  5. New Quests
    • A total of 9 quests have been implemented:
      • Escort the convoy to transport new weapons development materials!
      • Remodeled Aviation cruiser "Mogami", Advance!
      • Carry out "Mogami-class" modernization work!
      • Continued: "Mogami-class" modernization work!
      • Remodeled Aviation cruiser Mogami, Weigh Anchor!
      • Nishimura Fleet, elite advance sweeping forces, advance!
      • Remodeled Yahagi, Elite Destroyer Squadron Flagship, Commence Exercise.
      • Flagship of the 2nd Torpedo Squadron, Yahagi, shall take care of this!
      • (Spring Only) Spring Coastal Patrol Stroll
  6. New Equipment
  7. Akashi Improvement Arsenal Update
  8. Stat update
    • The following stats have been improved for the following ships:
  9. Limited Time Drop Update
    • Harukaze can now drop in the seas near Penang (7-3) for a limited period of time
    • Fukae will no longer drop in 7-3.
    • Hirato is still available in 7-3.
    • Amatsukaze no longer drops in the Bashi Island (2-2) but is still available in Eastern Orel Sea (2-3).
    • Sado no longer drops in 2-3.
    • Matsuwa is still available in 2-3.
    • Amagiri and Sagiri are available in 2-2 for a limited time.
    • Johnston is available in 2-3 for a limited time.
  10. Ship Equipment update
  11. Development Update
  12. Furniture Update
    • The following new furniture has been implemented in this update:
      • Preparation Desk for Cherry Blossom Viewing
      • Amatsukaze Daily Needs Shelf
      • Zuiun Corps Maintenance Desk
      • Bamboo pattern floor
      • Bamboo shoot and bamboo wallpaper
      • Bamboo shoot style craftsman window
      • Clover Wallpaper
      • Yahagi's paulownia chested drawers
  13. Music update
    • Battle of the Nishimura's Fleet has been implemented in the jukebox
  14. Furniture Display Update
    • Naval Base Bar Counter, Hot Spring Cypress Bed, and Hot Spring Rock Bath has been updated to Sakura mode
    • Kaiboukan Circular Table, and Submarine Fleet Window has also been updated to Sakura mode
    • Admiral Mahjong Table has been updated with 8th Anniversary Sake
  15. Seasonal CG / voice update
    • Hinamatsuri CG and voice lines are no longer available.
    • Bouquet Mode has been implemented for many Kanmusu with new ones being Akebono, Okinami, Kazagumo, and Helena
    • Obento mode has been implemented for Jingei
    • Spring Casual CG has been implemented
    • New Casual CGs for Yamato and Yuugumo have been implemented
    • Coming of Spring voice lines has been implemented which includes new lines to Kanmusu introduced last year.